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  • Hello.  I’m followed tutorial on windows 10 and in the beginning I had errors while trying to follow this tutorial with php 7xxx.  I was able to solve my issues by installing the earlier versions of vcredis…Basically I removed all the php7’s and followed the tutorial for php 5xxx.  Then afterwards I was able to add the newer php’s and they also worked.  I hope this helps.

  • Here’s my advice. If you are trying to install PHP on an ancient W2K3 box, make sure you don’t install anything newer than PHP 5.4. 5.5 and higher does not work on that older box. You’ll get a FastCGI error you just won’t be able to shake.

  • @niyaleful Hola, veo que a ti si te funcionó el PHP, pero yo seguí todos los pasos y aun no interpreta el codigo. al final abro el index.php con IE7 y solo aparece el codigo en texto plano. utilicé el php-5.2.5-Win32.zip (lo encontré en el museo de php.net) pero no funciona como debe.

  • Не знаю будет актуально или нет, но если в консоли пишет «Не является внутренней или внешней программой», то вы, СКОРЕЕ ВСЕГО, как и я, допустили оплошность в указании переменной среды path. Я после точки с запятой поставил пробел, что категорически запрещается. Ну, не запрещается, но windows не видит что идёт после.

  • I have a question, Several in fact If i have downloaded several versions of the php (5.6 & 7.0) will that cause it not to work? Also, I have downloaded the redistributables for both ( I followed all of the steps, & I got as far as the last steps with the redistributables & that is where the website would not respond.) What am i missing here?
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  • Outstanding! Thanks so much!.. And excellent choice to demo a clean install using a VM. As a side note, we already had php installed from XAMPP. But through your excellent video, all we then had to do was to point IIS at the existing install.

    All nice that you showed the install of the C++ redistributable.

  • Thank you very much. I used Web Platform Installer 5.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2 to install PHP 5.6, and it failed to include the correct version of C++ libraries. The errors I saw mentioned nothing of this, but rather pointed to other potential issues that were either correctly configured or had nothing to do with my situation.

  • Smashing! This is exactly what I needed!
    Question regarding handler mappings. I assume the pages under Default Web Site inherit their handler mappings from the Default Web Site. Can you alter the handler mappings for just a specific page? Or does it affect ALL of them?

  • Dude… you saved my life… this is a great tutorial.. after several hours on the php site (which in my personal opinion is really poor) I was aboutto give up until I got it to work with your tutorial. There should be a link to this tutorial in the php site!

  • Классно рассказал! Всё сделал как на видео. Вылез при запуске: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘C:\php\ext\php_openssl.dll’ �� ������ ��������� ������.
    in Unknown on line 0
    Я так понял, то надо раскомитить в php.ini строку extension=php_openssl.dll. Я так и сделал. Проверил в папке ext лежит php_openssl.dll. Что дальше делать? И кракозябры откуда? Что с ними делать?

  • Здравствуйте уважаемый Юрий. Спасибо за видео, очень интересно. Но по ходу установки возник вопрос, вы говорите что нужно вставить диск с ОС. У меня виртуальная машина я добавляю образ с установочного диска, выбираю файл установки и установка не идет. Подскажите пожалуйста что делать?

  • Hi Tim, I don’t know if you still keep track of comments on these videos but I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for this. Just had to install PHP on a 2003 box in Chinese and I do not speak or read Chinese. Using your videos I was able to double check I had done the prep correctly and could then go through step by step with the various settings, using your vid as a reference to make sure I was working in the right place. Brilliant stuff, very clear, thank you very much for saving me days of pain

  • This video training just saved my day!! WOW, PHP really is a pain in the ass on Windows. I tried to read through the PHP manuals.etc. and just got more and more confused. This video is the only one that helped make my specific configuration work.