Вопрос: Как установить NoCD патч на Warcraft 3 TFT 1.20e?


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  • If it says couldn’t find warcraft do these steps:
    1: To make it easier, drag the folder into your desktop
    2: double click users (On wvs)
    3: double click your PC name not the folder called «Public»
    4: double click desktop
    5: Click the folder you put the game in
    6: Click Ok
    7: Restart wvs
    That’s it!, love helping:D

  • Hi, I installed everything already. When I tried to go to battlenet, it gave me an error «There was an error writing to your hard drive while trying to download a file from battle.net. You may need to free some space. Please check your hard drive and try again.»
    Could you please help me? Is it regarding space on my hard drive? Its impossible though because I have like 500GB space free.

  • Hey Jansenn, i need your help. those patches you dragged into the «wvs» folder, i dragged my 1.26 patch into the folder but when i click change version, it only shows 1.20 to switch to. your patches look like books stacked on top of eachother the icon for it anyway, how can i get the right patches, off google?

  • Muy buen video hermano, de todos los que vi, tu fuiste el unico en la cual me funciono, pero la cosa v asi, los parches estan en ingles (la cual no tengo problema ya que se dicho idioma) pero es que ya me acostumbre al de español asi que si pudieras poner un link del parche en español estaria genial

  • I got it working with 1.27 version and its great but where can you download 1.29 for the switch version? All the other downloads are the»»Public Test Setup» which dont work with the switch. You need to do it with blizzard online and I dont have my keys anymore.

  • Por favor gente este canal ya no sirve, si les gusta minecraft, o si les gusta Call of Duty: Zombies (World At War, Black Ops, Black Ops 2) sirvanse pasar a mi nuevo canal: COMFGamers /user/COMFgamers
    Voy a iniciar una serie de zombies, por ahora ese es lo unico de call of duty. Pero minecraft sigue activo. Por favor:D Tambien si llega a haber gente que quiere, subo de warcraft

  • guys pls help! I have version 1.26.0 and when i do all the steps correctly, and I want to switch to an older version e.g 1.21 i click on the version as it is shown on 4:06 and then nothing happens. I go back to Warcraft and see that it still is 1.26.0… Any ideas what its not changing?

  • Dude, I frigging love you man. After the whole debacle of Reforged making the game unplayable for me, after months of hiatus, I reinstalled the games using my disks. But I realized I needed to patch up the game to play on some custom maps and to place certain custom campaigns.
    I searched everywhere for something to help me to patch up and for a guide that helped me step by step of doing that. You did it man and I want to say thank you for helping me get back into my favorite game of all times that I have played since its release. Thank you

  • amigo, de millones de warcraft 3 me a tocado el mas malo, el 1.07 (solo ami me pasa porque no existe tutorial de como pasar del 1.07 al 1.26e) como podria del 1.07 pasarlo al 1.26e? porque tngo el patch 1.26e y m sale error de lenguache y porkerias, te estaria super agradecido enserio, ya que solia jugar con mi primo en red local hasta que se me entro un virus a joderlo todo, gracias igual

  • Blizzard BNUpdate v2.136 compiled on Jul 27 2016
    Log created at 9:52 pm on 10/25/2018

    This patch upgrades Warcraft III The Frozen Throne from the previous version.

    Registry error loading key ‘Warcraft III\InstallPath’
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    RESULT: Patch failed.

    i have problem like that.. what should i do?.. my version

  • Hi please notice me youtuber…:( the patch is ok i got the apk but it still needs cd rom thing like the war3.exe thing became thin air suddenly, what should i do, btw, i have tried to put the war3.exe thing still it becames thin air….. notice me please i need answer…

  • Alright, I know you guys are having trouble, and I’m here to help. To download Warcraft 3 to play maps, go to this website: http://kickass.to/warcraft-iii-3-the-frozen-throne-v1-26-eng-lossless-repack-by-vosur-momuga-t8090841.html

    after you download it, it’ll tell you to install, and you’re done, that’s it!
    and if you want to play online, download garena and log in, then click LAN, and then go to Games, and then click WC3TF, and then find a room, that easy (;! hoped I help and enjoy!