Вопрос: Как получить Exp. Share в играх Pokemon?


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  • Ok so, haha! Thanks! I played my Emerald long time ago. The only city I had not visited is the Ever Grande & only have 7 badges. I didn’t had the last one since I deleted my file junk at Sootopolis means, I have to restart a new game. Yes, I had the Exp. Share on my first game but now, my second play on my Emerald, I had already beaten all the Gym & the Trainers in Victory Road & just wandering, I finished them all (all the Gyms) but, I don’t have the Exp. Share. So yeah, I forgot to talk to Devon Pres.. HAHAHAHA

  • Jesus christ, people are so angry over a little mistake, which it not that of a logical reason because he does sound young to me and being rude to somebody who might have forgotten or didn’t know you can have the scale for it in my opinion doesn’t make you that smart of a person, dude, I hope these people would’ve just disliked.

  • I’ve done beaten the elite four and caught all 12 legendarys AND NEVER THOUGHT ONCE OF GOING BACK AND TALKING TO HIM ��‍♂️ would’ve been very useful when my Nuzleaf only knew nature power as a somewhat physical attack now he is a level 55 Shiftry thanks anyways though cause training for the Battle Frontier takes forever and I needed this for a while