Вопрос: Как приготовить подгузники в шоколаде для празднования Baby Shower?


Baby shower

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Украшение торта на «Baby shower». Как украсить торт на Бэби Шауер.

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Baby Shower и обзор подарочков ����

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How to make a Diaper Cake | Diaper Cake Tutorial | Baby Shower Ideas

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How to Make a Diaper Cake for Your Next Baby Shower || «IT’S A GIRL» || DIY

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BABY SHOWER! Тематическая Вечеринка Для Беременной! Как Украсить! Что Подарить! Торт из Подгузников!

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  • Nice job! I would have definitely put that «It’s a girl» sign in the teddy bear’s hand. Also I would put small artificial pink rose buds or bows on top of some of the rolled diapers, then I would draw decorations on the pink ribbons ( hearts ect.) in silver glitter just to give it some extra glam and placed the finished product on a clear serving tray from the Dollar Tree. This is a wonderful ideal.

  • That was a really awesome diaper cake. I used a rond 9 inch cake pan to put my diapers in and then I put a large rubber band around them to hold together. I also hot glue the ribbon on. For the bottom Foundation I just took and got a poster board from dollar tree and hot glued a paper roll to the bottom of course center it onto the board then you can start making your diapers go around it for a solid foundation. This is another way of doing it. Have fun doing this. The look is a little different than what she made hers, this way offers a different tears. You then can attach your baby powder and stuff like that. You just glue it on or you could take a ribbon and tie it onto the different levels something to think about something different. Have fun trying this

  • If you’re making a multi tier diaper cake, you need to anchor the layers together using a paper towel tube (2 tier) (3/4 of a wrapping paper tube for 3 tier). Stand the cardboard tube in the center and then place the diapers, in tiers, around the cardboard anchor. Secure each tier with a elastic band and then work on the layer on top. For top tier, put a baby bottle or something else in the center and then surround that with the top tier of diapers. If do you not use a central anchor, each layer is just sitting on top of each other and it will fall apart when trying to move to relocate the gift to the shower.

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