Вопрос: Как установить принтер в Ubuntu?


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  • Hey,
    I have HP laser jet p1007 and I tried the same procedure on ubuntu 20.04 with latest hplip-3.20.6, when I tried to print something then I was getting print job has completed, but nothing was printed.
    I got this error «[Job 130] STATE: -media-empty-error,media-jam-error,hplip.plugin-error,cover-open-error,toner-empty-error,other.»
    in «/var/log/cups/error_log»
    I installed the correct plugin and printer cartridge is also full.
    can tell me what is the problem and how can i solve it.

  • I’m on Manjaro and Antergos (RIP), and at least for Arch based distributions, there has been a change in CUPS. I found this on stackexchange:
    As of cups v. 2.0.0 the service name has been changed. You’ll have to disable the old service:

    systemctl disable cups.service

    before enabling and starting the new one:

    systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service

    systemctl daemon-reload

    systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service

    I was having particular trouble with my Canon PIXMA MX-870. There is a package for it in the AUR, but it no longer works correctly. Instead, install a package called «Gutenprint» and select the option to generate PPD files. This will create config files for thousands of printers. Once I did that, I got mine working. (It works with the LPD PASSTHRU option.)

    On the scanning side, I have a scanning function in the MX-870 and a 35mm film scanner directly attached to the computer through a SCSI card. I used to have both working using a paid program called Vuescan, which is highly recommended. I haven’t set up scanning since I re-installed Antergos, but my recollection is that I had to install a package called «sane» before either scanner was recognized.

  • @Chris Titus Tech.
    This is one of the best printer configuration video I have ever seen, thank you very much!..even if you’re using a debian beta version, your video is a good tutorial, no matter if you can’t configure the scanning part through the installation process, but in my personal experience with linux, most of the design software, like Gimp, InkScape, etc., they detects the scanner automatically once the printer is installed, I’m using a multifunctional printer from Epson, and until today, with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, haven’t any issues with the scanner. Excellent video, and again, thank you very much. ����������

  • apt-get update then apt-get install cups After that apt-get install samba samba-client Setup smb.conf and smbpasswd -a John and download ppd file for your printer and cp HP_LaserJet_1018.ppd /etc/cups/. for an example. In the browser type http://localhost:631/ and enter password. Choose SMB printer setup and enter the smb address on CUPS: John:password@ where is windows machine with which printer is connected and backslashed by printer share name on Windows Machine.

  • такая забавная ситуация,хочу сделать роутер из пк,установить на него простинькую винду на флешке (2 гб) и чтобы он с вифи роутера (длинк ) ловил интернет и по витой паре передовал мне на пк
    вообщем еле нашел сборку которая на 2 гб запустилась,вот незадача она не находит вифи роутер (кде не сработала а вот гтк нашло драйвера от видеокарты но роутер не видит ни в какую =)
    попробую другие сборки поискать,спасибо за видео обьяснил всё круто в двух словах 3 мин а главное всё понятно,красавчик!!!
    мою проблему решать не стоит уж больно она глупая)

  • Why did you assume that there are proper drivers on the list? Many people don’t have it so the chase begins and the whole situation is much more complicated. Also with network printers, there are so many strange options and the process of detecting the driver and it also usually fails and you have to be a detective to figure it out. Then the drivers for Linux are incomplete, primitive, confusing and not localized… so setting them properly is again another issue. And what about other computers? How do they access such shared printer?

    You presented the whole thing more like a «walk in a park» ;D. In reality, a user is about to enter a hell…

    Also as Linux users, we are in a very hard spot. HP Printers usually have the best Linux support but HP is horrible and I avoid it at all costs. 99% of people around have or had HP Printers and 99% of them had massive issues with them, they were primitive and low quality. So I used Epson printers but… they were overpriced so I switched to Brother and I’m happy with it although drivers for Linux are poor but do work. Maybe that is a personal bias and HP is good now but… I just can’t force myself to use it or recommend to anyone. I still see trashy HP printers around… They may have Linux support but they are so bad that they rarely work correctly under Windows, so I don’t expect them to be good in Linux either.

    So yeah, printers… saying they suck in Linux is an understatement of the century. All of it because lack of standards in the industry and lack of Linux support by the companies that produce them.

    What about cloud printing? As I recall, Ubuntu introduced some printing improvement, maybe this was about cloud printing? Can you elaborate that?

    As to scanners, install scan lite, connect with USB (wifi connection never works for scanners in my experience) and pray that it will work… Luckily, a phone is a compact scanner nowadays…

  • Hi Chris, thank you for the awesome video. Somehow I was only able to print using my local printer and not via network printer. I was able to add and all but when I send a job to that printer somehow it doesn’t get through. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • Great video Chris, thanks to your videos (of whic, h I’ve now seen plenty), I am tipping the toe to Linux…So, I am «test running» PoP! with KDE plasma…well, my system has found my network printer, an HP 477 laserjet (very similar to your laserjet 277!), but no matter what I’ve done, I have NOT managed to rename the printer…It comes discovered with hugely long name, whereas I want to have it renamed simply as «HP 477″…so, the «name» filed is greyed out, and watching your video I think your «printer name» field is also greyed out…any tips? I have tried to uninstall it and re-install it, but nothing (actually, the moment I attempt to remove the printer so as to manually re-install it, it comes itself back installed…!)..thanks for your great work…!

  • Hi My PC Suppport. Thanks for your video. I would like to know what happen in my case. In each reboot of my ubuntu, I lost the configuration. Only I need to re install the pluging at every login. I don´t know why. Can you help me to figure out what is the problem??? Thanks

  • It works for install last version of drivers (hplip-3.19.12.run, hplip-3.19.12-plugin.run) for printer HP LaserJet Pro MFP 148dw in Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint, now I can use HP software and I scan docs from linux. Only I had some problems with apparmor (fault with file dri-enumerate, terminal: sudo touch /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/dri-enumerate) and with server pgp.mit.edu (anyway you can install without digital key). Thanks!!

  • Great video, liked the disclaimer. I personally prefer separate devices not 3-in-1s. That said on Manjaro, I found the Brother (printer) drivers in the AUR and Epson (scanner) software split between the regular repositories and the AUR. Both work fine with minimal fuss.

  • Владимир привет! У меня проблема в том,что в скайпе,только на линукс минт 17.1 работает микрофон,то есть при записи в скайпе на эхо своего голоса как настройка правильная. В других с 17.2 18.1 нет голоса на записи. Научите меня,что делать!

  • Thanks for the video Chris. I have found that Ubuntu automatically finds and loads network printer drivers upon network connection in 20.04; however, the scanner function seems to only work in local mode. And that is just using the proprietary scanner driver from my MFD manufacturer.

  • а у меня в Linux Fedora везде пишет 
    bash: jockey-kde: команда не найдена
    bash: jokey-gtk: команда не найдена                                                             не в одном из 3 терминалов 
    LXterminal, guake terminal и в Linux terminal 1.4.5.exe

  • Thank you very much for making a video for me but I do not understand..I do not have the printer installed when I updated the system..Can it also be installed from the terminal..Was not updated when installed, but it is not being installed since it has been updated

  • Sir, Thank you for your clear explanation, I am trying to do as you said, but I am not able to print my printer: My printer is «HP Laserjet Professional P1108» If there are any solutions… Please kindly help me. Thank you. I Tried the «HPlip Version 3.19.8»

  • Hello, sir. I have a request. I am a «happily ever after» Linux user. Meaning, I don’t hop and I’m set in my ways. I know how I want my desktop and apps to look, feel, and work, and it takes a long time to get set up perfectly. I aim to make my two desktops and two laptops exactly alike, but that’s four computers to set up. Although I hope I never need to reinstall my OS, it happens from time to time, especially around LTS time. I want to make an install-able ISO from a completed system. Kinda like my own distro just for my house. I want to take my machine in its current state (main drive only, personal files, shortcuts, games, startup items, panel locations/contents, apps, themes, colors, icons, repos, etc.), and make a huge Kubuntu 18.04 LTS installer out of it. If a machine dies, this will save TONS of time. When 20.04 comes out in less than a year, I can set up one single box, then just install my own «distro» on the other three and be done! All four of my machines are Intel with Nvidia, but I don’t think my laptops can run the same GPU driver. Everyone on YouTube makes this far more vague or complicated than I think you would. Might be a popular video idea? What do you think?

  • Linux убийца времени. Весь интернет переполнен вопросами, как открыть блокнот? Как скопировать? как удалить, как как как и как…. Вопрос, эту платформу инвалид создал или шизофреник. Linux популярен у взломщиков, хакинга и т.д. Для жизни и отдыха есть Windows.

  • When i get these printer problems with linux i just surrender and go to my standard fallback.two cables one from the linux machine another from a win 7 machine and a 4 way switch wire as a change over between the socket and cable, put a usb pen drive in the socket, transfer the file to be printed, swap over to wn machine and print on that. at 92 life is to short to f… around with linux printers…hope that helps…..

  • have Mint 19.1 and got an Epson ET-3760 printer…Epson’s site for the scanner driver link takes you to page that says…’this page unavailable’ so in order to get the scanner driver to work, was able to use the driver (Image Scan) for the ET-3710…the other drivers for the 3760 worked, but it took that 3710 version to get the scanner to work…just passing this along.

  • Hey, great video! Thanks for sharing knowledge. I’m struggling with a Sam4as Giant-100 thermal printer. Sam4s is not listed in the manufacturers list when adding a printer on Ubuntu. Already made it to work on a Intel CPU Ubuntu 18.04 using the driver provided by the manufacturer webpage. The problem is I want to make it work on a raspberry pi using ubuntu mate, but drivers are not compatible due to its ARM processor. Any thougths on how to make that thermal printer work on raspberry pi?

  • Здраствуйте! Спасибо за прекрасный ролик, вот есть такой вопрос, имеется адаптер Tp-link wn7200nd  мошьностью 500mv на чипсете Rt3070  все драйвера для него под ядро 2.6  за мошностью не гонюсь!  на виндовс драйвер работает на ура видет сигнал с ролтора 50-54 db  на линуксе со стандартным драйвером не одной точки 100% даже нет  сигнал с мое ап 71db  (драйвера с коробки не каректны ) поигратся со сменой региона не помагает, все мануалы очень старые (   с компиляцие проблемы, вот как можно установить  такой драйвер? или от аналага например awus036NH, с медиатека получилось скампилировать драйвер rt5572 (интерфейс становится ra0, вместо wlan0, с  с горе папалам на Linux min 16  сигнал возрос до 100%  но при подключение к точки зависает ( подключение пока не пропишеш внастройках в ручную DHCP  он подумав подключается и инета нету ( может можно как нибуть поднастроить???  1,5 месяца пытаюсь решить данную проблему ( с адаптером все вери гудс питание тоже  а где ваш скайп написан? )

  • It looks good but unfortunatly I don’t know how to run chrome in root mode and I need an extra video for it. Hope I’ll figure out everything and my printer will work fine. In the meanwhile, I would be happy if you have another video of yours which can help me with this issue

  • Как настроить wifi на линуксе?А проблема такая подключаю напрямую кабель интернет работает сразу же, wifi вообще не определяется:-( Подскажите пожалуйста что для этого требуется только пошагово если это возможно?

  • This video explains why Linux will remain a nitch OS. I somewhat know what I am doing, and I couldn’t follow this video. You made the jump to the localhost, and never explained how or what that is. I had to search for instructions to do that, and I still was lost. My HP printer was working fine and even scanning using simple scan, but yesterday it decided that it woul dno longer work. My wife’s computer, which is basically the same machine, just on a different floor, prints. You should not need to do all this just to print a page. No casual user would spend hours trying to print a page. They would just go to Windows.

  • Hi there and thanks for your tutorial Chris.
    I have a puzzling problem with printing on my Deepin 15.11 system. CUPS doesn’t work and when adding a printer via the ‘Add Printer’ option adds printer but does not print to it but the printer does print if I log into it’s ip address using Chrome and through the web interface I can add a file to the printer and it prints! This is cumbersome to say the least.
    I run Linux Mint as well and I can print files from any application…
    I have reinstalled CUPS but it doesn’t work. Is it possible that my CUPS is broken?
    Can you help??

  • I’ve always used Brother printers and MFCs, at use at home they make Linux drivers and work well. Scanning on my Brother I just use Simple Scan never had a problem with multi scans. But I connect my printer to the network via ethernet, I’ve never used USB.

  • Hi Everyone. Am using linux/fedora and my canon printer worked fine until I replaced the hard disk. Have installed the driver but the message is that the printer is not configured. After entering «sudo apt… » I am prompted for a password. What password?

  • спс большое, у меня вот проблема, стоит у меня видюха джифорс жт 240, при старт убунту  квадратики  ромбики все на кучу и нифига зделать не могу, даже зайти в меню установки немогу. Что делать не подскажете?

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  • I followed these commands. And yet I still have no printer. Since I am running Manjaro, this instruction may not work here. While using the command ‘bash linux-brprinter-installer-.*.-*’, I obtain a message that says ‘Rpm or dpkg is required. Hit Enter/Return key.’ These commands are not used on Manjaro. Does anyone have a Manjaro solution? Thank you.

  • This topic is the main reason why I haven’t 100% jumped off the windows band wagon. I rely on my printer/scanner for work. In all fairness to linux though I had a HP printer that would print and scan but that printer went down and I bought a canon MF424dw and the printer works after installing the cups from the canon drivers and back end cups from the package manager in Linux Mint. The canon printer works but NOT the scanner thus I keep using windows for now:(

  • I’ve got to say that Canon has great drivers for Linux. I have a wireless printer from them, one of the cheapest they sell, the Canon MG3052 for around £30. Scanning works and so does printing, no problems whatsoever and entirely wireless!:) They have custom drivers designed for use with CUPS. You just install them and the printer automatically is registered with CUPS and works out of the box. To scan, you just run the program from the terminal and it pops up as a GUI. You could add a shortcut to your menu if you wanted to.:) Canon is great for Linux!:D

  • Пакеты, имеющие неудовлетворённые зависимости:
     jockey-kde: Зависит: jockey-common (= 0.9.7-0ubuntu7.14) но 0.9.7-0ubuntu7.15 будет установлен
    E: Невозможно исправить ошибки, у вас отложены (held) битые пакеты.

  • Thank you for the video very helpful.
    I have 1 question if anyone knows the answer to, please let me know.

    When I put a file to print, it prints from the 1 page, not from the last.
    On the CUPS page under the ‘Help’ section there is this:

    Specifying the Output Order

    The -o outputorder=normal and -o outputorder=reverse options specify the order of the pages. Normal order prints page 1 first, page 2 second, and so forth. Reverse order prints page 1 last.

    Where do I need to type down this code in order to have it always there so that it prints from the last page?

    People have been saying to do this:

    Put this line:

    *DefaultOutputOrder: «reverse»

    to the file:


    I have tried this but nothing happens.

    Any help is more than welcome.

    Thank you very much:)

  • Chris, I’ve got a Chromebook on which I’ve activated the Linux (Beta) app-running capability. As far as I know, it’s only got the Terminal (no GUI). Is there a way to do the CUPS setup in a Terminal-only mode OR is there a way to tell the VM to look to the printers configured on the Chrome OS? There were some apps that I needed a full screen mode for that the Chrome OS/Google Play Store’s version of those apps didn’t have, but there were some Linux apps that I’d used previously that did. I’ve got them all running fine except for not being able to print from them. Thanks in advance.

  • If you are doing this in Arch, the cups service name has been changed. Type this.
    $ sudo systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service
    $ sudo systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service

    Good video.

    If you are not sure if Cups is installed, do this first.
    $ systemctl start cups (If your terminal displays Unit cups.service not found, then you need to create /etc/systemd/system/cups.socket with the following content.)

    Description=CUPS Printing Service Sockets



    (Then do the above commands)
    Have fun!!

  • After my first Manjaro install and a bit of a tussle getting my printers installed I printed the test page for each. Next I found that I could not print pictures from the desktop drop down menu. There was no print option available. I had it for documents but not pictures. I solved that not in the way I wanted but by adding Shotwell. Now I have a print option of pic but a less flexible menu than most other Linux distros I’ve tried which is about 100 since begin the Ubuntu 7.something.

  • i’m about two decades past having the need to scan things, professionally (tl,dr: nightmarish even though good equipment). i’m wondering though: is SANE project still alive?
    i did, however, enjoy the general move of the (semi-)professional sector back towards unix-style based print servers around ’99/2k (HP pushed their jetdirect gadgets quite effecively): they just worked, no matter whether you put a novell server behind it, or an os/2, or a winNT. (connecting novell and a cluster of apples actually was my first penguin job)

  • Canon G 2010 ( All in one) Printer ൽ നിന്നും എങ്ങിനെയാണ് Scan ചെയ്യുക?
    Printer automatic connect ആയിട്ടുണ്ട്. എന്നാൽ Scan ചെയ്യാനാവുന്നില്ല. ഒന്ന് സഹായിക്കാമോ? (Ubuntu, Linux 18.04)
    My Mail id: basheermnr@gmil.com

  • Hey, Man! Great tutorial. I ended up going to the Brother site for my specific printer. They did have all of the downloads to properly set up the computer for the Linux distro I have. Everything is done by command line, however. Everything is working fine. Thx.