Вопрос: Как создать частный канал в IRC?


IRC Chat How to Use The Social Underground of Geeks

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How to create your own IRC server! [WINDOWS] | EASIEST

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  • При чем тут «детство»? Я ожидал кулсторей из реального детства про реальные каналы. Кстати сомневаюсь, что в детстве ты называл чат айарси, а не (м)ирка/ирц или как-то так. А ты весь видос рассказывал как зарегаться…

  • Лайк за тему IRC. Недавно тоже про него вспомнил, поставил консольный IRSSI, так себе, да и ники кириллицей вопросами отображает (как интересно с этим у Вичата?). Остановился на KVIrc, кстати под Виндой он даже лучше выглядит. И как же вы задолбали призывать куда-то переходить… можно нормально пользоваться всеми операционными системами, во всех есть свои плюсы.

  • Nice video. I might set up my own server now! Just as a suggestion for a video, you should do one on how to download and install ircII like us nerds back in the 90’s used to rely on. I still like to use IRC at times but I want to use the old «GUI» such a version would have been out in what, 1993? released a few years earlier maybe? Just a thought. Good job!

  • At 5:02 I’m still a getting a configuration error even after I move the file (example>conf), rename the file (example.conf>unrealircd.conf), and edit the file in Notepad++. I added an admin name (line 70), changed the oper (line 150), changed the password (line 153), edited and added more cloak keys (line 444/445/446), and finally added an email (line 453).

  • I been on IRC since 2001, ran IRC servers, bots (eggdrop windrops), bouncers (psybnc, znc, etc). IRC been dying since mid/late 2000’s and now a days majority of younger generation don’t even know what IRC is. Server like Freenode is the only still strong going one, other than that it’s bits and pieces left from previous major ones. However, I really appreciate uploader for this tutorial, I’m happy to see that there is recent (kinda) YouTube videos about IRC.

    But after reading comments I would like to tell those who is still confused about process. There is absolutely no point of running IRC server by your self. The only thing you will enjoy is being IRCop alone or with couple friends. Your server won’t make it, plus you have to have an actual hosted VPS/Dedicated server to keep IRC up at all time, but it’s not worth it, since only you will be there. I would recommend learning about bots like eggdrop, creating a room at bigger IRC server and play with bots TCL scripts.

    I provide linux shells for free and are one of top 2 free shell providers on the net, you can use it for znc or eggdrop so it’s always stays connected. It’s actually one click installs as well for those who a bit on a lazier side:) (host IRC servers as well), not sure if this channel owner minds, but its freeshells.org or you can visit me at irc.rizon.net 6667 (or any other port) #freeshells.org, my nick is ertz, just mention that you came from this turorial video!

    For the uploader, great job! And AdiIRC is the the client I use as well (on Windows), super configurable & awesome. Btw, 2 months ago I shut down WebMaster ConferenceRoom IRC server after 18 years of service, was a sad day…

    my longest comment ever!:)

  • yo bro could you do a vid on how to set up the IRC server on a VPS? for some reason on my localhost no one outside my ip wont connect.. even tho in unreal.config i have open ports. other than that this video is hell helpfull now i have an idea on how to configure.

  • After testing this, I found that I was unable to connect to my IRC server after following all the instructions. That’s when I realized that when he mentions in AdiIRC that the port is «667», it is actually «6667». After fixing that, I was able to connect just fine.

  • I used the command «apt update && apt upgrade» along with the commands that install OpenSSH and Irssi (pkg install openssh/pkg install irssi) but when I try to connect to a server using this command «/connect chat.freenode.net» it gives me this error saying that it’s closing a link and that SASL only has access. So my question for you is, how would I identify via SASL to use this server?

  • G’day DasGeek, I’ve Finally Logged on 2 Freenode after about 10 hOurs of Trying ( being ScatterBrained, Distracted watching other yoUTube Tutorials, Reading Wikis, Forum Help & iNet Searching… while doing I 4got 2 Look @ Your Strait 4ward instructions ) ( & All of that waz 2 or 3 years after my last attempt where I Spend All of 24 hOurs & didn’t get az faa az this! ). However having Successfully Created me Nickname, Registered it Logged on, then Posted Halleluyah!!! I got the Reply Cannot send to nick/channel. I don’t understand this or How 2 Fix it, of course I’ve Performed Yet another iNet Search! I Guess I’m Not Geeky Enough Yet! Please Help me get there… ;-)K

  • The good old days for us 90’s kids.. MIRC!!!  where we would download our mp3s and warez by triggering bot  /join #mp3_warez!Mp3Bot_No_doubt_just_a_girl.mp3., all on 33.6 and 56k dial_up modem that took forever to get our songs.    Back then you were an idiot for giving your real identity on the internet.. now social medias encourage you to do it and post your entire life.!!!  time have change.

  • Hexchat is a pain in the ass. I joined a server yesterday and was chatting. Had to register my email and create a password, which I did. Now today, its magically forgotten everything, and says I’m not registered. And of course it offers nothing in the way of entering your password so it can tell who you are and that you’ve already registered.

  • Thanks for the info! I’m going to have to hunt down a channel list.
    Just to clarify, should I register my name on each server I’m using? I feel the answer is probably yes.:)

    also, do you know any good resources when it comes to using IRC to download/trade books? there’s a lot of triggers and commands to remember. I have been on the hunt for a list of some sort I can reference.

  • I have used mirc for many years. I really want to switch to Linux. This could be a deal breaker for me? I need a linux irc client that handles multi-server connections like mirc.So I can chat or download on  different servers and channels at the same time. I see you joined multiple channels. What about servers. I associated hexchat with firefox on ixirc search webpage. but when I try a link from ixirc it opens hexchat again instaed of asking me to open another connection like in mirc.Any suggestions would be appreciated!!Thanks!Tayte