Вопрос: Как получить покемона 100 уровня?


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  • The thing that always astounds me about this game is not how badly you can fuck up the game, but how badly you can fuck up the game and get it to come back to normal. What with all of these glitch battles with cascading text, you’d imagine the overworld to be garbage text and random sprites, but it’s perfectly fine afterward. kek liked for having 8f in inventory.

  • Each year I pull out my pokemon red cartridge to do a playthough of the game, doing as many glitches as possible. This year I encountered this and tried to pull it off. Everything went exactly to plan until step 12. I got a MissingNo. instead of the intended Pokemon and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the name I chose was 5 letters. My only question is that is the exact name you chose is the one that has to be used or if it has to just be 7 letters.

  • I swear on my whole family’s life that I did this glitch a long time ago I was like 12-15 and now I’m 23, I used to have a rydon that I caught with missingno glitch on blue version and I used rare candy glitch since it was caught at like 100 something I used rare candies and it kept going up and for whatever reason I swear it was like level 254 or something because at 255 or something it would reset back to level 0 or 1 I faintly remember so I decided to stop at like 254 or something and go battle and when I battled it stayed at that level and didn’t revert to level 100:) it has all hm moves so cut did like 900 damage Lol

  • I tried this and messed up maybe and checked my box and my Pokémon are GONE. Opening app without saving to check what happened. Will edit soon

    Edit; just lost every single legendary, pseudo/mythical Pokémon i owned. No idea where they are. Wtf

  • Tbh that other idiot making drama needs to get a life. But your channel is persistent and has great content no matter how many hours you put into preparation of videos, don’t pay any attention to that verlisify guy and just keep going with the great content you post now. If you lose followers that means that they are not loyal but instead of letting people get to you, you need to fight back and show you are the best that you can be and no one can stop you.

    From your loyal fan Chloe ����

  • Welcome to Glitch Chemistry! Today, we’ll be learning a recipe for glitch fusion that has surprisingly beneficial results!
    Warning: Side effects may include loss of data, loss of sanity, and loss of physical form. Engage glitch fusion at your own risk.

  • this is my first pokemon game. i just beat the dragon gym and im trying to catch a few level 60 pokemon before i go into the last stretch of the game. i cant find any in the wild…how do i find level 60 pokemon? they used to be around before but now that i can catch i cant find one..

  • Again, it amazes me…. After all these years, and things are still being discovered about this game.

    I should figure out some other interesting combos with this…. Also, pardon if I sound stupid for asking. But would something like this work on Missingno.? Maybe it would finally be somewhat (still a bit doubtful about this) viable if it could be used at level 255, in a level 100 environment.

  • Each level up bar animation takes approximately 0.8 seconds (±0.1), and each text box is 2 seconds. 2.8 seconds times 99 levels is about 4.5 minutes of level up animations.

    This game wastes four and a half minutes of your life in animations for every Pokemon you take from level 1 to 100. If it weren’t for those animations, it would be possible in half the time.

  • Hey guys! Today I’m gonna teach you how to get you Pokémon to LEVEL 100.

    So the game just doesn’t give you much experience right. You play battles at gyms and just DONT get that much experience. Which is why I’m gonna teach you how to get a LOT of experience. Because you see, experience sharing just isn’t good enough to get you a lot of experience. So I’m gonna tell you guys how to get a lot of experience so you can get to level 100. But before we get into experience, let’s talk about IV and EV. Okay back to experience so y-

  • Hope you enjoy this crazy leveling method! Here are a few answers to comments I’m seeing frequently
    In regards to evolution Since PokeJobs don’t evolve your Pokemon, you can either take your Pokemon out of the PC, and level it up once or twice normally to evolve it before 100. OR, at level 100, if your Pokemon is capable of evolving but hasn’t yet, you can use a rare candy on it to evolve it! (This is new to Pokemon Sword and Shield)

    In regards to the ranked battle you can win the ranked battle if you choose, I just run to save time.

    As for a free method, you can roll the day forward with the max raid battle day glitch (shown in this video https://youtu.be/ITmOH2V15_M), although since you have to go back and forth to the wild area every time, it is much slower.

  • My main issue with the exp share in this game is that whenever you get exp from a pokemon, you get their EVs, and that ruins a lot of the spreads I want to work for, it doesn’t matter if you fainted a mon o catched it, you still get the EVs. I really do not like that

  • Kind of a late comment, but what sort of monsters could you create by using non-glitch Slow Experience Group Pokémon as the donor and X (u) x (u) as the recipient?

    Edit: According to the formula for Medium Fast (level^3), the EXP of a Slow Pokémon (1,250,000) only equates to about level 107… unless the formula just stops working after 100

  • Unfortunately, this strat is hard for me. All the dynamax pokemon in the wild pokemon I’ve seen at my current spot are extremely powerful 5 star ones and i can’t beat them. I tried losing to them to make them dissapear and spawn other ones but when i lose they don’t despawn.