Вопрос: Как эволюционировать Крабравлера в Pokemon Sun и Moon?


Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 Iki Town Festival! Rotom-dex! (Nintendo 3DS)

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 Team Skull Grunts! (Nintendo 3DS)

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 Trainers’ School! (Nintendo 3DS)

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CHAMPION OF THE ALOLA REGION!!! [Ep. 40] | Pokémon Sun And Moon

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Покемон Ultra Sun & Moon Ultra Все Ultra Боссы Сражения (HQ)

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BAGON + SHINY MANKEY!!!! [Ep. 15] | Pokémon Sun And Moon

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Pokemon Sun & Moon How to Get Dratini,Larvitar,Bagon,Beldum,Gible,Deino,Goomy & Jangmo-o

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  • List of all of them:

    6:51: Vs. Team Skull Boss Guzma (Malie Garden)

    12:10: Vs. Team Skull Boss Guzma (Shady House)

    17:22: Vs. Team Skull Boss Guzma (Aether Paradise)

    29:10: Vs. Aether President Lusamine (Aether Paradise)

    44:19: Vs. Necrozma (Solgaleo Absorbed)*

    48:08: Vs. Ultra Necrozma (Ultra Megalopolis)

    58:01: Vs. Regular Necrozma (Victory Road)

    1:04:05: Me and Guzma Vs. Rainbow Rocket (Team Rocket’s Castle)

    1:09:17: Vs. Team Rainbow Rocket Leader Giovanni (Team Rocket’s Castle)

    1:22:19: Vs. Pokémon Trainer Guzma (Pokémon League)

    1:27:16: Vs. Aether President Lusamine (Pokémon League)

    1:36:27: Vs. Pokémon Trainer Guzma (Battle Tree)

    1:39:08: Vs. Pokémon Trainer Giovanni (Battle Agency)

    *Forgot Lunala Absorbed but I still have posted that battle via this link if you want to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u5N3c34glU

  • when i was playing this i was somewhere without my charger and when i became the champion and the festival started the battery was low so i was like «FINISH QUICKLY SO I CAN SAVE» the thing wasn’t over and i was panicking so i went to where i kept the charger and charged it immediately and continued to see the festival.

  • Thinknoodles you should have got rid of grub and because a little Falls to charge a bug when it’s level 20 and then when you go to your lies Island at that Canyon it will evolve into like a ball and it comes to the and it turns into a beast

  • also u could do the pokemon legue again for title defense witch the first time is hau then that one person that gives u a steelium z then kukui. u gotta defend ur title. dont forget necrozma for after the ub missoins and u can get a cosmog and type: null. how could u end this here.

  • Me playing Ultra Sun 2020 while watching this: Hawlucha Lv. 89, Incineroar Lv. 91, Zygarde Lv. 75, Necrozma fused with Solgaleo Lv. 81, Absol holding Absolite Lv. 76, Sylvally (holding Ghost Memory) Lv. 87. Me in Haina desert trying to catch a Gabite…

  • Know its 3 1/2 years old this video, but you should know that Abra is hard to catch in the start and leaves after round in battle so you need a strong Pokeball to catch it. You only have 1 chance, but its a strong Pokemon. Not all Pokemon-beginners know this.

  • My first battle with Ultra Necrozma:
    Necozma appeared!
    Necrozma’s aura is flaring to life! Its stats rose!
    Go! Decidueye! (Lv. 58)
    Necrozma used Photon Geyser!
    (Decidueye has 17 HP left)
    Decidueye used Sinister Arrow Raid!
    (Did about 2/3 of its health)
    Necrozma used Photon Geyser!
    Decidueye avoided the attack so you wouldn’t shout!
    Decidueye used Spirit Shackle!
    Necrozma fainted!

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