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  • Why does pokemon come up with this fukin stupid methods… get rid of this shit and the trade evolutions. Also, make one game! with ALL the pokemon in it. Don’t make us buy two,

    Stop making us fight the same damn pokemons over and over as well. Fkin goldbat, Ekans, rattata and Raticate since gen 1 over and over. You have LOADS of pokemon… Make every trainer have at least 4 pokemon to make it feel like a real battle. It makes the game feel like a grind (no fun really) when you keep running into «trainers» that have 1 pokemon that you can 1 shot… nothing but shitty trash taking and loading/waiting

    MAKE a way to Skip Z Move cut scenes… Fkin wanna slit my wrist… 20sec for 1 move? I don;t use them anymore… I put type boosters as items instead.

    what else? Wayyyyy to much reading for a dull story… they always state the obvious things in like 3 different convos in a row… Annoying AF.

    Have an easy, medium and Hard mode.

    When going through grass if you walk you should be less likely to encounter pokemon vs running.

    Please don’t fuck up the Switch version… Shoulda just worked on that one instead of Ultra version… But in the end they care more about money… specially since it seems like they’re running out of ideas.

  • You claim to have just caught that Pichu at the start of the video. But there’s one error in that statement. You can’t catch a Level 1 Pokémon in any of the main Pokémon games. Plus, that Pichu knows a couple of Egg Moves, so you must’ve hatched it from an Egg at some point.

  • If you want to evolve it at an early level, give it soothe bell and walk/ride around for like 10 minutes as if you were hatching an egg. Then you battle a low lvl Pokemon and once it reaches level 2 it will evolve and you’ll get Pikachu’s movepool.

  • If you have two games put a youngoose (or a terrible Pokemon no one wants) and request the Pokemon you want to evolve/trade on the gts then on the other game trade that Pokemon for a youngoose (or a terrible Pokemon no one wants) and ta da,
    It has to be on the same generation
    You will have to do it again or use pokebank if you want to move it back to the first game

  • Ugh. I caught my Pichu at level 3 in a regular Poké Ball. It has only fainted ONCE. I’ve taken care of it a lot of times in Pokémon Refresh, I’ve fed it beans and malasadas, I’ve petted it a lot. I just got to Akala Island. Right now it’s level 19, with a Soothe Bell, first in my party, 3x affection, 5x fullness and 5x enjoyment. Still no Pikachu.

  • I’m not dissatisfied with your method but you do realize that by the time you get all the way to that Island with the luxury ball you could have just simply caught a regular pikachu in wild. On rout 1 I think. Grassy area right before you battle your rival the second. If you run around in that area and spawn a pichu and battle it long enough eventually it calls for help and if your Supper DUPER Lucky a pikachu will spawn. And its its normally level 4 so catching is pretty easy. Pluse your method skips pikachu learning electro ball at level 13. Not that it’s a big deal but some people like that move. I don’t know of any other way to learn that move. But again this thanks for sharing it is a time savor in late game.

  • Does Pichu always take around the same level to evolve to Pikachu? If you level up continuously with Pichu, you will miss that Pikachu actually learns Electro Ball on level 13. So, you need to evolve Pichu before going to level 13 if possible, IMO.

  • Y’all you don’t gotta wait all the way until this point to evolve it. Just go to the power plant on route 13 and use a rare candy and it’ll evolve then and there. Instead of waiting all the way to level 45-50 you can just do it in the 30’s

  • You can also get a low level Dragonite through farming Dratini this way within the Poni Gauntlet. Perhaps this place is where Lance got his Dragonite…

    (Yes, I know that this is a late game area, but the lowest level you can obtain a Dratini there {and, by extention, Dragonite} is level 10.)