Вопрос: Как эволюционировать Фибаса в игре Покемон Изумруд?


Is it Possible to beat Pokemon Ruby with just a Feebas?

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Giving Evolutions to EVERY Pokémon That Doesn’t Evolve Part 1

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Minecraft Pixelmon Эволюция При Обмене

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Шайни Фибас за полевые исследования в покемон го всего три часа

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  • 55:10 Yeah, I had a feeling that was the case with gen 3 important trainer AI when I was watching your battle with Norman. I would bet dollars to donuts that the AI is programmed with a certain number of healing items, and then each of their Pokemon has a limit, and it basically checks if it has any healing items left, and if the max limit of the current Pokemon has yet been exceeded, and if not, then it uses a potion.

  • I think the kangaskhan evo looked awesome. Also a baby kangaskhan could easily just be the actual baby kangaskhan (I’m surprised they didnt do that).

    I love the pre evos for Sableye, Zangoose, and Carnevine.

    Torkoal’s evo was great too.

    I do, however, feel like that pachirisu evo would work better as an evo than a mega evo.

    Cool video. Thanks for compiling a cool collection of possible evos, prevos, and megas.

  • way too many pre-evolutions in this video. most of the baby evolutions in this video were stupid and wasted on pokemon that really needed a power boost that an evolution would grant. aside from that you also gave to many pokemon mega evolutions. what about standard evolution?

  • 10:23 Exactly why the EV system in gens 1 and 2 are just objectively better. The only advantage the new system has is for competitive play; outside of that, it’s just so much worse. And I’m not a competitive pokemon player, so naturally, I gravitate toward liking the old system better. I hate having to worry about which Pokemon I knock out, and in what quantities. It’s ridiculous, and needlessly tedious.

  • so let me see if i understood the part with the ralts.
    so jrose wanted as much evs as possible on his sp atk, so he went to knock out ralts for sp atk evs. but he only got 24 points in sp atk (96/4). why specifically 96?
    edit: o bcs he maxed his evs haha fak

  • Though the wine flask on Pandizzy, I doubt I’d see Nintendo going for at least for the American audience. It may be an obvious choice with a dizzy Pokemon like Spinda, but we know how NoA is with references to drunkenness, and I’m pretty sure anyone who’s a fan of anime would be able to notice the Japanese-style wine flask on Pandizzy’s hip. It may work for the Japanese audience since they’re a lot more lax, but since it would also have to work with American culture, I just don’t see it fitting.

  • I understand how people dislike Double Team, it’s more fun to find interesting and clever strategies instead. One thing I’d like to note though, is that using Double Team relies significantly LESS on luck in a lot of these challenges, in order to get past some of these battles

    Should you use it, because it’s less luck based? Maybe. Maybe not. I just think it’s not the worst way to go, since the other paths may be even more annoying

  • I love the Norman AI. Once his second Slaking knocked out my entire team but I happened to have a freshly revived Cradily with me… It did like 1HP per attack but since Norman used nothing but Focus Punch I was able to eke out a victory!

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  • I really think you should credit each artist by name in the video itself. Even if its just their name in the corner. I think few people will actually go into the description and look for them. It’ll help give them the spotlight they deserve.

  • if you do decide to do an emerald run, maybe focusing on attack EVs and using Rain Dance to make up for the lack of Special EVs would help, you wouldn’t have to farm Raltz and would likely have an easier time until Mauville, Roxanne would still be an issue tho and I’m not sure if there’s any Attack EV pokemon before her, since you need a rod to farm Attack in Petalburg.

  • Great video overall, though regional forms could potentially be an option for certain Pokémon to get an evolution without having to think about mega evolution. Because Slowbro also got a mega and regional form. And we have no clue if that one could mega evolve or not. It wouldn’t be odd to see for example a regional form for both Heracross and Pinsir and both getting a regional evolution as well.

  • …I always thought Steven was one of the better Champions. Certainly better than Lance, Yellow’s Gary, Wallace, Alder, Diantha, and obviously Trace. Steel is a pretty brutal type, after all…As you learned, and his team tries to be varied.

  • Pick up is such an underrated ability on zigzagoon. I always have 5 of them on my team early game, and all of my party slots that aren’t filled always have zigzagoon. I think they merged it a little in gen 6 though. I tried the same strategy in omega ruby and alpha sapphire and I didn’t get nearly as good of items as I did in gen 3

  • I thought of a evolving mechanics with miltank and tauros and i remembered bouffalant.
    I think the miltank and tauros pre-evo could evolve like this:

    If female -> level up -> Miltank
    if male -> level up -> Tauros
    If knows move (Reversal or Revenge or….) -> Bouffalant

    This way the pre-evo would tie these three pokemon well together.

  • Hey, i think it would be really great if you put the artists names on screen when their art is shown. Artists struggle with art theft and getting their art repostet so much, so giving good credit is really important and it makes it easier for the viewer as well. And in case an artwork is credited to the wrong person, it’s also a lot easier to see, than having to go through a document. ��

  • everyone does the itemless challenges, but i like your challenges best cause they are creative. not taking any damage, abra but only with physical moves, etc.
    stuff like no exp or no damaging moves but with items are much more creative and fun to watch than just grindfests where, in the end, its mostly just setting up on a mon and hoping for good luck with crit and misses or very rarely bust.

  • technically speaking Diamond and Pearl remakes haven’t been confirmed yet. Yes I know everyone and their aunt is saying that S and S were teasing them but officially Nintendo hasnt said anything so I don’t we should be saying their confirmed when they could be ten years away.

  • Lapras is one of those Pokemon I would have loved to see a Pre-Evolution, Evolution, or Mega Evolution for years ago, but now I find myself prefering for it to get a Regional Variant. When Alolan Forms were first introduced, prior to seeing the player surfing on a Lapras, I was hoping for an Alolan Lapras, a Water/Fire type with a small volcano on its back. The lore could have been that the Alolan Islands were created by a Lapras, and that Wela Volcano was this ancient Lapras. When SwSh were teased and we figured out it was going to be based on England, I was hoping for a Lochness inspired Regional Variant, but again out of luck. Lapras is one of those mons that GF has never truely forgotten, but is reluctant to do anything special with, which is unfortunate because it is a genuinley awesome Pokemon design.

    When it comes to the Fossil Pokemon like Aerodactyl, i would honestly prefer not to give them any more Evolutions, or Mega Evolution, but rather a function that would revert them to their true natural state. With the exclusion of the Gen8 jigsaw Fossils, every Fossil Pokemon is a Primary Rock due to having been revived from a fossil, making them only partially what they originally were. Imagine finding out what type they would originally have been and what they would have originally looked like(Obviously very similar to their original but altered similarly to a regional variant)

    I certainly agree that Pokemon like Castform and Rotom will likely never get an evolution, but I certainly think they deserve something. Of the two, I think Castform would be most deserving of an Evolution, giving it the secondary typing of Flying, which just makes sense, baring that give it a new form for Sandstorm, i know its supposed to be based on a water molecule, but still, why leave out the only other weather condition?(Aside from Fog and Delta Stream) As for Rotom, it doesnt need an Evolution, Mega Evolution, or Gigantamax, rather give it more forms, more appliances to inhabit. Lets say an Arcade machine or some sort of digital workout equipment for the Fighting Type or a bug zapper for Bug Type? Hell, lets let it inhabit an old busted Gen1 Pokedex to become Psychic.

    On a separate note, when are we going to get a moth that functions like Castform, but for Terrains? and im not just talking Galarian Stunfisk, im talking form changes, sounds like something GF would do.

  • I watched the whole video, this no doubt was so unbelievably frustrating, if I could like the video more than one I’d have hit the like button so many more, you deserve it for your efforts in this video, congrats bud �� �� ��

  • Tyrogue vs Emerald would be really hard.
    Also I love how instead of just getting all the friendship berries and then training special attack EVs when it’s easier, like a sane person, you KOd 96 Ralts. It’s so good. That’s why this is my favorite video of yours:)

  • Beat Emerald with the shiny Seedot, evolving it long the way just so we can see all its shiny forms. That is if you’ve saved it and haven’t leveled it up already. Which brings me to a question, out of curiosity, do you ever use the Gameshark’s ability to create backup saves just to keep all your playthroughs stored on a hard drive or something?

  • I think there are actually quite a few Pokemon that don’t need evolutions. The Pikaclones don’t need them because they’re super cute and it’s not like they were meant to be used in battle much, they’re more for show and it works. Their designs also just feel very stand-alone. Togedemaru and Morpeko could work but it would break the tradition and I quite like how they all match
    Smeargle could have a pretty cute baby form but it also works alone.
    Spinda just doesn’t feel like a Pokemon that would evolve at all
    Audino is already quite strong, and while a baby form could be super cute, I think it works better as it is because it has a simple design and doesn’t feel like it could be simplified more.
    Absol is meant to be mysterious, and I feel like a baby form would take away from that as it could never look as majestic and graceful
    Chatot has a unique design and I don’t think any form of evolution could match it, not to mention its unique gimmick suits it more than I think any other could

  • Ya ever hear of a cradle my dude? how do you pronounce that? Apply it to Cradily
    from wiki:Name origin

    Cradily may be a combination of cradle and lily. It may also be a combination of crag or crazily and lily.

    Yuradle may be a combination of 百合 yuri (lily), 揺り籠 yurikago (cradle), and cradle.