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Как читать Pdf файлы на Iphone или Ipad. Pdf файлы на Iphone.

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  • Вы это серьезно? Чтобы просто pdf можно было посмотреть на айфоне или айпад нужно его через комп закидывать… Я если честно в шоке. Сам столкнулся с такой проблемой, купил айпад (до этого яблочной продукцией не пользовался, только Андройд) решил попробовать, все хвалят и я так сказать поддался искушению. И вот мне необходимо срочно посмотреть документ, скачиваю его, а он не открывается, не отображается… Я если честно так и не понял пока за что так ценят эти яблоку надкусанные…

  • PDF «editor» is PDF-7, right? One thing unfortunate in GN5 (and possibly NS2, Notability, not sure), we can’t paste a URL onto a handwritten note and/or PDF document, and have it clickable. Then, we could send it to someone (good tip «Editable vs Flattened»), and they would simply click on our pasted link in the PDF reader of their choice. Very practical for a lot of people. We’ve done it before, but don’t remember which app we used (NS2 or Notability, I guess). UPDATE: Yep, you can paste a URL on a Notability page (as text or in text box), and it is clickable in a PDF reader (or Notability).

  • One question guys, Can I write on the margins of the pdf when I annotate it, I meant to write on grey sides of the pdf pages like in OneNote, OneNote is great but i hate that in mac we cant stop it from keeping sync the notes which it makes writing by pen so laggy each minute. Thanks

  • I have seen that u r using PDF expert app too. Can u tell me that how does the writing with pressure sensitivity differs from Pdf expert to goodnotes.
    Because i love the writting with pressure sensitivity in PDF expert. Is it as good in Goodnotes. Plz tell me bcos i am planning to buy Goodnotes.

  • Switched from Notability to Goodnotes for this reason. Goodnotes handles big ebook pdfs much better because the bookmarks come up as outlines. Notability does not see the bookmarks and you would have to create your own tediously. I also took the plunge and got the Goodnotes app for Mac. So all my pdf books are now on Goodnotes. When I am out an about I can use them on my ipad. Any annotations and additions are synced on icloud. When I am home I pick up where I left off. (As a side note, note taking and highlighting do not improve your learning. I write questions for myself based on the text. When I am reviewing the material, I force myself to answer these questions. This method although feels difficult has the best evidence as the most effective way to learn).

  • The outlines or TOC support in Goodnotes is a nice surprise, thank you for pointing that out.

    For PDF books I prefer using Documents though I might move to PDF Expert due to its dark mode and the fact it gets more updates. The reasons I prefer Readdle’s apps:
    * It easier to navigate the TOC. Reading a book is a single hand operation. I can hold the iPad with my right hand and still use just my right thumb to click on the TOC button, expand a hierarchical entry of the collapsed table of contents and click on the entry go to the right page and swiping through pages. And the TOC is more condensed and limited to a small popup window which is, in my opinion, a better design.
    * Swiping through a book’s pages is smoother and faster than Goodnotes, especially in scanned books. Readdle’s PDF rendering engine is just better and better accelerated.
    * Still no support in Goodnotes 5 for alternative automated cloud backup target other than iCloud. That’s a serious limitation for someone like me which the iPad is his only Apple device. If I don’t have my iPad then I have no access to my notes.
    * Syncing notes to iCloud means the books are also being synced and that means I need to buy an extra iCloud storage if I have more than a few books. With Readdle’s apps, I can use other cloud services. I can reuse my Google One storage, and also connect to a local network share which can be a remote machine on my home network accessible via VPN. Also, I don’t even need to store books locally on the iPad if I don’t want to as I can access the book via the cloud service without saving it locally.
    * As long as Goodnotes 5 does not support alternative cloud services as an automated backup target I prefer using Notability for my notes.

  • I annotate PDFs every day with GoodNotes. I also use the presentation feature every day. Other only other app I use on the regular is notability for writing tasks. I use the tab feature all the time as well, but I typically have note been editing that way.

  • Hi Ropsie
    I confirm that I use Goodnotes5 a lot for pdf annotations… and tend to think that GoodNotes 5 currently is « the best » Note taking App. I use to comment or take Notes on PowerPoint files with Noteshelf 2 as well but now switched on GN5 which also integrate a good document scanner! ( I used Scannerpro a lot but now use GN5 as well since GN5 has an automatic cloud back-up.
    Thanks for your instructive and up to date videos

  • Hi sister, can you please make a video on…. SHORTCUTS app (how it can be used for note taking)…. Like linking different apps to REMINDERS app & accessing particular PAGE in a PDF( when PDF present in LIQUID TEXT or NOTES or ONE NOTE…etc.,)

  • Since you mentioned Notability, don’t you get annoyed when a pdf has links in it, and you click on them, you have to «travel» through all the in-between pages, to get to the desired page? «travel» as in, watch every single one of them going before your eyes…

    On the other hand, I ‘ve heard that Goodnotes is very slow with pdf’s that contain more than 50 pages. Is this true? If yes, it is prohibiting for me, since I use 600-700 pages pdf’s all the time!

  • Hi Ropsie…Lately goodnotes 5 is providing frequent updates but the experience isn’t as it was before the iPad os release…secondly, when you insert a blank page, then a page will be inserted in different size than the rest of the pages in the document…Yes inking has been improved and now it’s much better than before (but still lagging behind notability!).GoodNotes 5 must include audio and syncing of this audio with the writing as in notability…Notability is still very stable And it’s inking and audio sync capabilities, I will prefer to annotate PDFs in notability than in GoodNotes 5…On the other hand, notability must enhance its pdf annotating capabilities and thus go beyond a mere note taking app…Also It must introduce more features in it’s AWESOME audio dept like trimming of audio, renaming of the audio recordings etc…My random �� thoughts ��… ✌�� ����

  • Я через файлы привык слушать музыку, которую скачал прямо из браузера.

    У меня появилась проблема с тем, что, по какой-то непонятной причине, мне нужно очень часто заново скачивать абсолютно всю свою библиотеку. Рядом с файлом появляется значок облака и стрелки.
    Как это исправить?

  • Hi. I Recently saw your video for Flexcil. I was wondering if you can compare flexcil and goodnotes 5? I really like having the notes sidebar instead of add pages directly to the pdf. Does Goodnotes 5 has similar feature to annotate pdfs? Also, I read that goodnotes 5 has made universal app purchase. I’m wondering if that would make it more lucrative for working across platforms. Thank you for your time and for making amazing videos!

  • Great suggestion! I’ve been using Flexcil for PDFs, but I wasn’t thrilled by its highlighting and note taking tools. Because of iPad limitations, I couldn’t store handwritten notes and PDFs in the same folders. I just tried my first PDF import and a brief test of highlighting and annotation. It is fantastic! Now I can use one UI for pens, highlighters, scrolling, etc. I can commingle notes and PDFs in the same folders. Nirvana. Thank you (as always).

  • Ничего не понял!
    По подробнее раскройте тему, пожалуйста!
    Постоянно сталкиваюсь с проблемой просмотра всех файлов от Майкрософт, что делать, как в автономном режиме просмотреть файлы на айфоне 6s то что приходит с почту?