Вопрос: Как подражать Элисон ДиЛаурентис?


Alison Dilaurentis | Under

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alison dilaurentis | power

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►Alison DiLaurentis [Элисон ДиЛаурентис] | кукла барби

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Alison DiLaurentis| Oh no!|PLL

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Hanna & Alison| Toxic

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Alison Dilaurentis (7 rings)

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Alison Dilaurentis || Confident

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  • This video is great! She is such a complex character. One the one hand, she’s a total liar about the facts, but she WAS hurt. She did suffer trauma and despair and endless fear for 2 years and she’s scared of looking weak. This video captured that perfectly her fight with that. Great vid!

  • Okay,i am so confused by our society,only because of this comment section….Kids?Are you kidding me? Didn’t «Pretty Little Liars» taught you anything about life? How can you support and love the badass Alison? She is not brave,she is such a manipulative person and the worst of all,…She is a fucking bully!How can you admire her?

  • I hated alison before,because i just focus in one side of her character..and to the other liars but now tried to concentrate watching on her from the past episode and i realized that she’s not like that at all..i mean the way she talked to emily soo different,and i can feel it that there is something very deep feeling she ‘s been hiding..

  • Love, love, love this video! Your editing is amazing, the song is perfect and Alison is my favourite character on TV at the moment. If the show won’t make justice to this character (cause who knows what they have in store for her), your video (and the Emison ones) sure do!:)

  • I think i’m totally in love with that video! Most vids about Ali only show her badass side, the one who used to be always in control. You shows us the vulnerable side of her character, the one who was attacked in that basement and treated like she was nothing. I personally love how the producers are working on Ali’s personality (despite the fact that my emison heart broke into a million pieces last episode). Plus, your editing’s amazing and you chose a great song! Can’t wait to see more from ya <3