Вопрос: Как признаться в любви на ирландском языке?


What a first year english major has to read + lecture notes

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Hamlet’s Mill: precession of the equinoxes and ancient Irish astronomers

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Ирландский язык: как же все-таки читать по-ирландски? Часть 0.

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Как признаться в любви по-английски?

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Как признаться ДЕВУШКЕ в ЛЮБВИ?Как начать ВСТРЕЧАТЬСЯ?

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Как признаться в любви на Английском языке

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  • Все фразы из этого видео:

    You are the love of my life Ты любовь всей моей жизни
    I love being with you Мне нравится быть с тобой
    You’re so precious to me Ты так дорога мне
    You make my life beautiful Ты делаешь мою жизнь прекрасной
    I love being with you Мне нравится быть с тобой
    You are everything to me Ты для меня все
    I can’t live without you Я не могу жить без тебя
    I’m so in love with you Я так в тебя влюблен
    Я схожу по тебе с ума I’m crazy about you
    I fell head over heels in love Я влюбился по уши
    I want to be with you all my life Я хочу быть с тобой всю оставшуюся жизнь
    I want to be with you Я хочу быть с тобой
    Be mine Будь моей
    I think about you every minute Я думаю о тебе каждую минуту

  • Going meta, generalizing from your presentation itself, the idea of presenting in an hour each of one’s university courses is an interesting and daunting thought. Five courses per semester times two semesters per year times four years for a degree means forty courses, and at an hour per course, that suggests presenting a four year degree within one solid work week.

    What a considerable thought it is to be able to review, at several years remove, one’s entire university education, in precís, with links to details on demand. The urge to edit and improve one’s memories likely would be irresistible.

  • i’m a senior in high school and i plan on majoring in history but alternate universe me is definitely going to be an english major. history and english are by far my strongest subjects. i feel like a lot of skills you need for history helps with english and vice versa! i love analysis in general so literary and rhetorical and historical analysis make my brain happy. i was talking to my ap lit teacher the other day and she something along the lines of “literature helps with history because it helps you understand the culture of past time periods” and i was like yes! anyways that is off topic but i love english and this is a good video.

  • When A. says, “Who but I know where the sun sets,” do you think that refers to Ireland’s character as westernmost point of Europe, or, rather strictly of the astronomical points along the local coast?

  • There are no wrong questions:
    It would be interesting to calculate the precession values of all planets and our sun.
    If there is. I don’t know. Can’t do it.
    Maybe our whole solar system is sort off wobbling together.
    I never read anything about this possibility.

  • There was no Irish mythology any more than there was Greek or Mayan mythology. It was “all” part of the one universal Spiritual practice, Spiritual teaching. All of these Spiritual teachings are teaching the same thing with each country having their own version of the same teaching. All of it is written in the stars “rebirth” or “resurrection” that each person has to do. These teachings in themselves are useless to anyone no matter how much you understand or study them unless you actually “DO” what these teaching teach…. slay the demon, the ego. It’s an inner journey. Cú Chulainn = Heracles = Samson = the Buddha = Jesus = Muhammad etc… All of it is “one” story. Death of the Ego = salvation. The ancient Mystery Schools in Eire and in Greece or in Egypt etc… all of them led initiates to awakening/enlightenment.
    You say astrology “might” have been encoded in Irish Spiritual practice? haha. Are you kidding me?? Allow me to help you here: ALL OF IT IS ASTROLOGICAL! Every story!

    Hamlet’s Mills is an endless trip through all the world’s mythologies (Spiritual practices) trying to find what unites them and NOT seeing what is in front of the author’s eyes.
    Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed.
    “Seek and ye shall find…” and don’t stop seeking.
    Everything is “within” you.
    Love and Light.

  • So interesting. As a recalcitrant English major, I was definitely waiting for the comment you made when mentioning “The Defense of Guenevere” that you can’t read everything xD!

    I think what sticks out to me is, not only the content of your first year classes, but the differing ideologies or takes from my professors versus yours. For instance, contrasting The Rape of the Lock and Paradise Lost in a lens of ecofeminism but I’m not sure at all if your class addressed that the former work is a parody? The Rape of the Lock exaggerates and endows cutting off a lock of hair with such significance when other epic and romantic poetry feature murder, rape, and worse to poke fun at its self-importance and the ascendance of blank verse epic poetry and renewed highfalutin neoclassical attitudes in the Enlightenment period.

    I also had to read Sir Gawain etc several times.. translated and in the Middle English (A rEaL sLoG).. so my medieval studies prof placed a lot of emphasis on the language and the influence of Norse in the Midlands dialect and contrasting it with the language of Chaucer and the persistence of an alliterative tradition in Medieval England.

    You also got to read a lot of modern literature… T_T A lot of works I haven’t seen maybe because I was at an American school at had to read more early American lit. Really surprised your professors brought up all these ideas, e.g. Neoplatonism with Keats and Synthetic Cubism with The Wasteland or fairy tales with The Horse Dealer’s Daughter, but your classes didn’t have to read any excerpts of classical greek or latin literature (which as a classical studies student, you’ve probably read now? probably read so much more and exposed to so much more anyways) and didn’t seem to consider neoclassical ideas in Paradise Lost, or other more “traditional” lit-theory lenses. Or maybe they just weren’t interesting to mention. There are always so many ways to engage with a text 0-0.

  • For the quarantine you can read:King Lear, Richard III, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Dracula, 1984 (1984 will return), poetry of Shelley, Lord Byron and the ghost stories of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu ( ex.Green Tea, Madam Crowl’s Ghost, Squire Toby’s Will).

  • I can’t stand D. H. Lawrence. Your professor was setting a tone for the class. Lawrence might be religious about love, but only the chemical. He knows nothing of actual love. Most of the literature on here would bore me, with exception to the ones I already read like Paradise Lost, Wordsworth and Keats. Brave New World was nothing compared to 1984. This whole tradition is the exact opposite of mine. Robert Frost is okay, and Leonard Cohen was a good musician. But, if I had my English Literature course, I’d put Pride and Prejudice on there, some Coleridge, some Longfellow, Orwell’s essay on language wasn’t that impressive because it was turned into Newspeak essentially. It’s funny how that happened, that Orwell invented Newspeak with his essay. Ironic, I would say. Shakespeare, of course. T. S. Eliot is good, too, but I wouldn’t do the Wasteland, I’d do Prufrock. I’d probably be a very boring English Teacher. Beowulf would need to be on there. If we’re allowing modern writers, I’d have the Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien. As that’s a masterpiece. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is okay. That would probably be on my syllabus too, but I haven’t read it yet. The thing I’m most surprised about is that Jane Austen isn’t on the list. She’s fantastic. Half of these works I’d cut, just so my students could read a Jane Austen novel. And where’s the Irish Literature? That’s sad when there’s no Irish poets on the list, and none of the liberal poets who preached about freedom and liberty. Those guys were great, Yeats, Padraic Pearse, If I had a syllabus of English, I’d go over the entire Irish Civil War, which was fueled by poetry. It was about poetry, really. And where’s Byron? Your teacher has all the badboys on his list, all those gross naturalists who are boring. If you’re going to have a naturalist, get Guy Maupassant-he’s French, but makes a better naturalist than most of these people. And save he doesn’t have Byron, which that surprises me, but probably goes to show his taste is bad, that I would have Yeats and Byron over half of these fellas on here if you wanted some controversy. This whole syllabus is just that shade of tradition in English Literature that got us stuck in the first place. They aren’t the schools that should have been popular.

  • i clicked on this video out of nowhere, and never thought i would be here for 45 minutes, but you talk so well, and with an enamoring passion. this was really a delight!
    you made me wish i had studied english. i am a graduate student in economics… it can be said that english students learn how to read and write, and economics students also learn how to read and write. no, not read and write sorry, the opposite of that.

  • i wish i could be an english major. i live in a horrible country that i have to get out of, and med school is the only way out; i don’t have that much regret about my career choices seeing that there is no other viable option. but i really wanna know how i could pursue my interests parallel to my studies. anybody else in the same situation? struggling with time management?

  • I’m currently in my final year of high school in Australia and I am studying English Literature as one of my subjects. I was actually super excited to study Heart of Darkness for our ‘Post Colonial Literary Perspectives’ outcome but instead our school changed the curriculum. Now we have to study a 900 page novel that has never been studied at our school before, in online learning, for the most challenging assessment of the year woooooo

    but fr, this video was so calming and nice to watch. Even though I’m not pursuing Literature into my tertiary studies, the way you talk about it is what I live for and why I love the subject in the first place. So thank you <3

  • I love love love this! I’m just starting my last year of my English major and I’d be so curious to see how your book lists change! I know for me that my tastes got so much more nuanced over my college career. I’m now applying for PhD in early modern literature!

  • i’m an english major as well but interestingly enough we only have a few works in common in our syllabi. i’m currently finishing my first year and i have my literature exam soon so i came here to get a refresher on some of the works and maybe a different perspective in hopes that i can get prepared in time��

  • If the knowledge was there and it was shared with passion, then of course the story of winnie the pooh or Mary had a little lamb, would be just as simple as “this is what the stars do. It’s just a different alphabet song that was taught. My question iscould the universal language have been feelings?

  • I love this video. I am doing my PhD in English Literature and some of these I haven’t read. I will though, thanks to you. And Antique Greek and Latin Literature are so beautiful also (Catullus, one of my favorites). I must say: I like ‘Hearth of Darkness’. It is not the most beautifully written work and it shows some of the worst parts of Imperialism, but it also includes very shocking imagery that I find compelling. In any case, I really like how composed and, at the same time, passionate you are while talking about books.

  • I went back to school for English at 24. It was great, although I was on the Creative Writing track, so I took mostly poetry and short story courses. I hope you have fun, college goes by fast. I still miss so many people from school. It makes me sad to think about how everyone got displaced after graduation. Keep it positive, study hard!

  • the forty-seven works:

    5:22 The Horse Dealer’s Daughter

    9:10 The Dead

    12:41 Carnation

    13:43 Brave New World

    16:30 Politics and the English Language

    17:51 A Modest Proposal

    19:08 Journey to the Interior

    19:42 Backdrop Addresses Cowboy

    Brief mention: After the Agony, Dover Beach

    20:16 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    22:29 Poetry of John Donne (Flea/Valediction/Batter)

    24:06 My Last Duchess

    Brief mention: This is a Photograph of Me

    24:46 Poetry of Leonard Cohen (To Anne,
    All There is to Know About Adolph Eichmann)
    24:56 Munitions

    25:26 Poetry of Robert Frost ( 25:48 Design)

    Brief mention:
    Party Piece

    26:43 The Brilliant Chimpanzees

    27:03 Poetry of William Wordsworth (
    She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways,
    A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal, Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey)

    27:45 Poetry of John Keats (Ode on a Grecian Urn, When I have Fears)

    28:55 Fern Hill

    29:03 Fugitive Pieces

    31:37 Poetry of William Shakespeare (Sonnets 73, 116, 18)

    31:37 The Tempest

    33:03 Paradise Lost

    A Castaway

    35:14 The Orchard Pit

    35:19 The Defence of Guenevere

    35:50 The Rape of the Lock

    37:05 Goblin Market

    37:58 Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

    38:35 The Waste Land

    40:11 Heart of Darkness

    41:40 As for Me and My House

    42:36 Black Daisies for the Bride

    44:04 The Onondaga Madonna, the other one I didn’t hear clearly, it was “To Die [something]”

    44:15 The Mother of the Muses

    These are just the ones I caught, hopefully I didn’t miss much!
    From a prospective eng lit/comp lit major (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

  • I got my First Class degree in English Literature at university in the U.K. I read a handful of the books all the way through, and got through on summaries and cntrl+f to find research quotes.

    Heart of Darkness was one of the few I read in its entirety and loved. Marlowe is racist, yes, but if he wasn’t it wouldn’t work. We see him as an imperfect narrator who is beginning to realise he’s in the wrong on his journey. The extent of the lesson he learned is ambiguous, but that’s the point…

  • I loved this video! I’ve always wanted to study English literature but ended up doing science in college. It was very nice to see you talk about the books you got to study in your first year, I can’t wait to go through some of them:) I would definitely love to see more college related videos!

  • I’m a senior in high school and throughout my high school career, I have been so unsure about what I want to do or what I want to major at and for a while, I’ve been thinking on an English major and your video really helped me because I like to write and read books and I’m already excited for college. Also, subscribed to see more amazing content:) ♡♡♡

  • you don’t understand how much i relate to you. i was an engineering student last year but since it was freshman year we mostly had science classes as an introduction to engineering. i failed miserably and felt like a waste of space in my classes and it affected me mentally and physically so much…but then the decision to switch to English Literature was the best decision I’ve ever taken. what i really want anyone to take away from this is that you’re definitely not a failure, you just might be in the wrong place and time and you haven’t found yourself yet. and it’s also never late to follow what you’re truly passionate about.
    i hope you find yourself and get to the peaceful state of mind!

  • От того признаешься ты ей в любви или нет она ни лучше, ни хуже не станет ну порадуется она или поволнуется, но по-сути она либо твоя, либо не твоя. Будь самим собой и веди себя так как считаешь нужным.

  • I am about to start university and want to be an English Lit major, but people/parents keep questioning and worrying about what I can possibly do with that degree—(yeah the traditional thinking, unfortunately), but if you could help me shut ‘em up or suggest some careers with this degree as well, I’d be so thankful! ��
    Ps. Loved this video so defo subscribing now!:))

  • Politics and the English Language is the best essay ever written. We skipped this in my English 102 class. I was told by my instructor-and half of my damn class-that no one cares at all about my generation`s favorite writer. I had to inform them that Orwell died 4 years before I was born. Instead, we wrote papers about an essay called Stone Soup. (I claimed it was a con job) It was what Orwell was writing about: ” Political language is designed to give an air of authority to pure wind. (Think Donald Trump)

  • Me who was supposed to be an english major was orginally going into college as an english major has always loved english and literature all my life now recently decided to go into cosmetology hmm, let’s see what i’d miss

  • As someone who just graduated with an English (and Women and Gender Studies) degree this is just what I needed! You have no idea how much I miss this kind of conversation and love for books. I’m lucky enough that all my friends are equally as nerdy about our love for literature, but there’s something about classes and passionate professors that I is hard to replicate. Enjoy it while you can!