Вопрос: Как приветствовать людей на языке африкаанс?


How Similar are Dutch and Afrikaans?

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Alexandra Burke Hallelujah (Karaoke Version)

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Easy English 30 Namibian Languages

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Простые фразы приветствия и прощанения на немецком

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The Thundermans | Evil Phoebe | Nickelodeon UK

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Learn Afrikaans in 30 Minutes ALL the Basics You Need

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  • На литовском нету такого -“услышимся”. Созвонимся -да. Автора попрошу объяснить, что значит слово “Kanacker”, так как не раз слышал от своих нем.коллег. И заметил,что они так называют всех чужых,плоть до беженцев. Чую это что-то в роде “чмо”.

  • I am Afrikaans. This woman has a strong English accent when she tries to pronounce the words in Afrikaans. There’s also a spelling mistake “biki” should be “bietjie” and she totally mispronounced the word item.
    Unprofessional advertising as an educational source.

  • Немцы есть самый практичный народ. Наверно когда еще не было часов они приветствием сообщали друг-другу примерно время или что пора уже делать. Morgen -настало утро, пора на работу. Tag уже день. Abend настал вечер. Mal zeit пора кушать. Nach пришла ночь, пора спать.

  • I’d heard there was a secret chord
    That David played and it pleased the Lord
    But you don’t really care for music, do you?
    Well, it goes like this
    The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah

  • Привет всем, кто интересуется уроками немецкого по Скайпу. Меня зовут Кристоф и у меня свой онлайн-центр немецкого языка Deutschklasse. Если Вы серьезно настроены изучать немецкий, но не знаете с чего начать, то Вы можете записаться ко мне на первое бесплатное занятие здесь: http://deutschklasse.ru/youtube-deutsch/

    Буду рад всем:)

  • Afrikaans has a simpler grammar. Dutch and Afrikaans speakers can understand each other to a great extent, but there can always be problems, they are definitely different languages, although they are very similar.

  • ek het nog nooit gehoor dat die afkorting vir “eksuustog” as “skuustog” in formele of informele afrikaans gebruik word nie. As jy afrikaans wil leer, leer dit dan, maar as jy Nederlandse tale wil leer, leer dit dan eerder.

  • TujoloM ale Tuhan
    Hulehon nasa ngolungkon
    Naung tinobus Mu au pardosaon.
    Hu ingot sude holong Mi
    Nang dohot sude Asi Mi
    Pinujima Goar Mu Haleluya

    Marsinggang au ale Tuhan
    Hulompit dohot tangankon
    Mauliate ala Basa Mi
    Taringot au di burju Mi
    Nang dohot sude Asi Mi
    Pinujima Goar Mu haleluya…

    O Jesus hi Parholong i
    Apuli ma nang rohangki
    Asa unang gale,nang tondingki
    Huboto ala Holong Mi
    Nang dohot sude Asi mi
    Pinujima Goar Mu haleluya..

  • I hate Afrikaans,in my report card I got:

    Natural Science-98%
    Social Science-67%
    Life Orientation-90%
    Economic Management Science-80%

    And I’m in Grade 7 it’s literally the hardest thing ever cause normally I used to get like 85% for Afrikaans and BTW I got the same report card in the second term and third I pray to god I get the same % for fourth term except for Afrikaans and Social Science

  • Bietjie. Not Biki. And French is Frans,not Franse. Franse is used to refer to the people, not the language. For example: dis ‘n klomp Franse It is a buch/group of French/Frenchmen. Also, Item is pronounced ietem, with the I sounding like the ie in drie/hierdie etc.

  • My father grew up in Namibia and my aunt was born in Windhoek.
    in Namibia have my grandparents and their children (my father and my aunt). languages ​​were Afrikaans and German
    At home they spoke German and Afrikaans.
    I love Afrikaans because my father and I speak German and Afrikaans at home
    Why Afrikaans and English because my grandfather said, in order to have respect you have to use your mother tongue but also use a second language e.g. Afrikaans for the working world in Namibia and South Africa
    my grandparents spoke Afrikaans and German

  • Hi, although some people predict that it will go down with Afrikaans in N and SA. Recent research show that Afrikaans as first language grow in Namibia and in SA in SA it grow in 11 years with 800000 more people! Tv news and paper are in Afrikaans.

  • В чешском, словацком и польском есть аналог wiederhoeren, но опять же копипаста немецкого. Кроме немецкого в других языках нет в оригинале. Думаю это связано с развитием телекоммуникаций и самого языка.

  • В польском:
    До видзэнья основное до свидания
    До зобачэнья увидимся
    До услышэнья прощание до созвона.
    На разе (Рус.) “давай”
    Па “пока”, обычно так прощаются с девушками.
    Чэщчь универсальное и привет, и пока (типа “алоха” на Гавайях и т.д.)

  • i’m not putting this out there to brag! just wanted too share an achievement I made ^^

    languages I can speak fluently

    languages I speak semi-fluently

  • Deutsch ist auf keinen Fall deine Muttersprache…
    Die Russen können das leider nicht raushören, aber die Aussprache verrät dich. Und dein Russisch ist viel zu gut für einen Deutschen. Dein Akzent im Russischen kommt eher aus Baltischen Ländern. Es tut mir Leid, wenn ich dich damit störe, aber mich stört es, wenn jemand die halbe Wahrheit sagt. Sorry…

  • Anyone else noticed it’s missing the third verse?
    “Well, baby, I’ve been here before I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked this floor. I used to live alone before I knew ya and I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch and love is not a victory March it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.”

  • Wow namibia awesome country, English Canadians specially albertans and british columbians should take note on it, French immersion classes and in general learning to speak another language its not a bad nor unnecessary skill, greetings from Mexico!!

  • Wow this is so awesome… Namibia seems like a cool place, with streets, shops, friendly people. I am so sorry, I my head it was a bit stereotyped and generalized T.T Now I can see I was so wrong. And what an amazing diversity! I loved the video, please more about Namibia!! We need african english/other languages to join the game:)

  • Such an amazing video! I didn’t know anything about Namibia, and now I can see it’s a very diverse country with beautiful and kind people. They all looked so nice, polite and funny people to hang out with:)!

  • My gunsteling tale is Duits, Nederlands en Afrikaans. Hierdie drie tale is Wes-Germaanse tale. Deur hierdie drie tale kan jy na Duitsland, Oostenryk, Switserland, Nederland, België, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten ( wêreldwyd bekend as gevolg van die vliegtuie wat oor die strand laagvlieg ), Suriname, Suid-Afrika en Namibië reis.

  • hi guys turn to bladsy drie en vyftig vandag ons sal lees die leeu wat drukkies en humphrey die whale if you dont post your homework I WILL send it to your director sio please send it to me totsiens kinders! and when youre finished please type excuse in the chat so i know you are doneMevrou fourie

  • “Abend” и “обед” это одинаковые слова или просто созвучные?
    И 2-й вопрос у мужчин принято крепко жать руку при встрече,слабое рукопожатие признак неуважения к самому себе и встречному.Как женщины жмут руку мужчине и мужчина женщине?

  • I can speak Afrikaans and I live in South Africa and Afrikaans is my main language and we do not talk like this Afrikaans version: Ek can Afrikaans praat en ek lewe in Suid Afrika en Afrikaans is my main taal en ons praat nie so nie

  • Halle I Can’t Do Ya

    I heard there is a freaky song
    Impossible to sing along
    And you don’t really like the lyrics, do ya?

    It goes like this, it starts out high
    You raise your voice and hope it will fly
    Because you like to sing the Hallelujah

    Hallelujah, I can’t do ya, Hallelujah, I can’t do ya

    The chorus is sweet, but the lyrics are kinky
    The premise is vague and the rhythm is stinky
    But everyone likes to sing the Hallelujah

    And everyone who sings this song
    Except for Leonard, sings it wrong
    He’s the only one who can do the Hallelujah

    Hallelujah, I can’t do ya, Hallelujah, I can’t do ya

    I did my best, but I really suck
    That major lift was just too much
    I’m out of breath, I wouldn’t try to fool ya

    But even though I sang it wrong
    I was better than Sheryl Crow doing this song
    My God, she really screwed the Hallelujah

    Hallelujah, I can’t do ya, Hallelujah, I can’t do ya

    (Author’s note: The name, Sheryl Crow, can be substituted with anyone who has attempted this tune)

  • Sei que você estava aqui e sempre pude te sentir
    Mas nunca soube como procurar
    Você chegou sem avisar, me fez sorrir, me fez cantar
    Me deu o dom da vida, hallelujah!
    A ti, senhor!

    A minha alma se acendeu, o mundo todo renasceu
    Meu coração agora vive em paz
    E nem nas mais belas canções, poemas, salmos e orações
    Descrevem o que sinto, aleluia!
    Eu vejo o céu, eu vejo o mar
    Eu vejo a noite e o luar
    Eu vejo como é grande o teu amor
    Eu vejo o dia amanhecer, eu quero tanto agradecer
    E é por isso que eu canto, aleluia!

  • The first and second stanzas of this songs tells the story of King David. The first stanza tells how his music with his harp comforts King Saul whom in his later life, wanted him dead. The second line is when he committed adultery with his first general”s wife, Bathsheeba whom he saw bathing under the moonlight. He killed Bathsheeba’s husband by sending his troops to the land where he lost in the battle. It is actually a battle where in the Israelites lose. Then Bathsheeba and David’s act of adultery made the Lord angry at him which ended up David losing his throne. But then David regretted everything and he repented. The same story goes with us ordinary people who makes mistakes but we should bear in our mind that the Lord forgives yet the moment we repent we should never do the same mistake again.

  • Your pronunciation ineeds more practice. Using GOEIE DAG is slightly rude. We say hallo or Goeie môre, Goeie middag of Goeie Naand. ANNEMARIE is not pronounced ANN-MARIE it is pronounced as AN-NE-MARIE.

  • People usually shorted “Dit is ‘n plesier” to “plesier”.
    “Goeie dag” to “dag”.
    “Goeie nag” to “nag”.
    “Goeie middag” to “middag”.
    “Skuustog” is acceptable but “Askies or askuustog or skuus” is more commonly used.

    The pronoun “u” is usually used when talking to an old person or an important person, for example a priest. These days it’s pretty outdated so stick to “Jy” unless you’re speaking to a police officer or person of authority.

  • I’m 13 and have a really strong and controlled voice, that’s what I’m told all the time I’m not tryna brag cuz I honestly I think there are so many better singers out there than me but I haven’t sang in a while and I decided to sing this song cuz it reminded me of how much it can show the power and range of your voice and when I sing it I even surprise myself sometimes cuz I be like wow did I really just hit them notes on point using my chest voice like ��������

  • oml i remember when i had to sing this for my whole school in a class assembly cause i was the only one who could hit the high notes not even the boys could… although i didnt sound bad (edit) also i hit the high notes and my whole class after it was like ‘uhh wtf since when could you hit that!?’ Cause i have a really deep voice

  • I’m fluent in: Chinese (Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and English.
    Languages I know but not fluent in: Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Tahitian, Hawaiian

  • I speak English fluently, and then a bit German ( like no where near fluent, but not so bad I can’t string a few sentences together)
    Scottish Gaelic (Just a little tho!!!)
    Japanese (above)
    I used to be able to say a bit in Italian as well…

  • I speak Italian French and English English was the first language I learned and before high school I learned French for 7 years and I know italian because I’m half Italian comment the languages u speak i wanna know lol

  • I can speak Spanish, it’s my native language. Then I can also speak English, French, German, Norwegian, Catalan and Greek.
    I can speak Latin and Ancient Greek fluently although they’re no longer used. And I’m learning proto Indo European:)
    I love languages

  • Ek is Afrikaans
    Ons vind n problem met hierdie les
    Jy se nooit jou laste naam in spraak nie
    En gewoonlike se jy ‘Aangename kennis my name is (jou naam)’
    Jammer dat ons kon pla maar ons taal word hier geslaan met n plank

    -Liefde Suid Afrikaners

  • Приветствие Servus я запомнил из популярного австрийского сериала Комиссар Рекс=) Там я его слышал каждый раз,когда сначала Мозер,а потом Брантнер заходили в полицейский кабинет к коллегам и приветствовали их)))

  • So the differences are miniscule and someone from South Africa (if he/she speaks Afrikaans) could just move to the Netherlands and be understood by using Afrikaans? Or would you need to re-learn your own language to re-wire Afrikaans to Dutch?