Вопрос: Как найти среднеквадратическое отклонение на TI 84?


TI BANS Assembly Games & Programs on TI-84 Plus CE & TI-83 Premium CE!

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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Calculator

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Find Minimums & Maximums With the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

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How to Reset Your TI-84 Plus CE Calculator

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Дисперсия | Deviation | Среднеквадратическое отклонение | Standard Deviation

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Среднее квадратичное отклонение. Тема

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Среднее квадратичное отклонение. Ответы

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  • they are idiots to do that! hours and hours to making games are gone and i would like to bring back ASM


  • I’m devastated by this. I’ve always wanted to do programming on a TI, and I’ve been waiting years to finally get one. I’m buying a used one from a friend that is on 5.0.0. What’s the ideal version to upgrade it to? It’s a TI 84 Plus CE-T. I have the OS 5.3.0 with the programs downloaded, but after watching your video, I’m much more confused. I thought OS 5.3.1 got rid of Assembly support? I really want to keep it on 5.0.0, but I hear that some Assembly programs / games don’t work on 5.0.0 and require an upgrade. I also hear that 5.0.0 has a battery draining bug. I don’t care about the new features TI has in their OS. What’s the ideal version to be on that doesn’t have any major bugs like a battery drain. Now I’m thinking pre 5.1 since I hear there’s a lot more freedom. I know I probably sound stupid asking this but I’ve been waiting forever to get a TI calculator and I’m just so heartbroken this is going on right now and my firmware version is so important. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. (And I don’t care about Python development one little bit, only C/Assembly)

  • This video is excellentthe editing is great and it is much more informative than many of the articles that have been written about this issue. This was a very bad move by TI, and it only serves to destroy what limited positive relationship they had with the community. In addition, it makes an already way overpriced device even less capable.

  • UPDATE (9/6/2020): Great news! The first jailbreak has been released! Here’s a video which contains instructions for how to install it! https://youtu.be/abB0ZEdQ1rs

    (9/2/2020): TI has recently released OS 5.6.0 which also has ASM removed. TI did a poor job documenting changes so I’ve done it for them: https://youtu.be/xpxKPHzgtkg

    (7/30/2020): TI has removed ASM from the TI-84 Plus CE -T in OS 5.5.5 that was released today! New calculators are already being sold with it pre-installed! Here’s an in-depth look at the new OS https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Ftiplanet.org%2Fforum%2Fportal.php

    *Quick notes*:
    > There’s now a way to tell if your new calculator is likely installed with OS 5.5.1 or higher without even opening the packaging! Go look at this topic for instructions (towards the end) http://www.ceme.tech/t16755
    > TI says they’re only doing this to the CE lineup of calculators, however they have not ruled out releasing an update that bans ASM on older calculators like the TI-84 Plus and TI-83 Plus!
    Timestamps elaborated
    0:00 Intro: Covers all the knowledge you need to understand the video
    2:00 (2007 2017): Covers OS 5.2.0’s bug and OS 5.3.0
    3:44 (2017 February 2020): Covers OS 5.3.1 and the pointless ban of Asm84CEPrgm
    6:13 (February 2020 May 20th 2020): Covers OS 5.5.0 & most recent cause of OS 5.5.1 & the NDA
    8:59 (May 20thMay 22nd): Covers TI’s dirty trick & release of OS 5.5.1
    12:04 (May 22ndMay 22rd): Covers Python
    13:01 (May 23rd May 24th): Covers initially spreading the word & DrDnars letter to TI Education President
    14:12 (May 24th May 29th): Covers the Developer CE & TI spreading misleading or false advertisement
    15:50 (May 29th Present): Covers WAN show & Hacking ASM back in
    16:52 How a different company (Numworks) handled the situation better than TI
    18:18 Outro: How to take action against TI & alternative calculators
    19:19 Thanks

  • When you said factory defaults, I expected you to choose the ‘defaults’ option in the reset menu and split the RAM reset as a separate part. Why’d you go straight to the RAM reset? Good video nonetheless.

  • I stupidly updated my ti 84 plus ce from v5.4 to v5.6 without even thinking. One of my main buying was being able to put programs and games on it, and I completely ruined it. Please tell me there is some way to downgrade it back.

  • 13:00 здесь 1,1 не означает, что значения в среднем отклоняются от мат.ожидания на 1,1. Они отклоняются от мат.ожидания в среднем на корень из 1,1. Здесь дисперсия почти 1, поэтому визуально не заметно, что надо еще корень взять.
    Да и не совсем это среднее отклонение, т.к. среднее из абсолютных значений отклонения, т.е. среднее модулей всех отклонений, НЕ равно корню из среднего квадрата отклонений.

  • Thank you for putting it out. I just got 84 plus ce for my son who will be going to 8th grade. The school requires them to have TI-84 Plus. I bought it from CL. It has a version 5.1.5. Should I just stay on that version or can I update to something more resent but not to the latest? The one on the TI website is

  • TI doesn’t exist to please individual users. It exists to please boards of education. As long as school districts demand removal of asm code, TI will keep it out. In order to get it reinstated, you have to convince the educational community that asm is no threat. They control TI. We don’t.

  • I got the 5.2.2 OS on my TI-83 Premium CE (bought it in mid 2017) so I should be able to run asm but when I try to run a simple hex assembly program that prints a string ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5KJXqnmoZs) nothing happens… Is it because the starting program address (9D95 as said in the programming tutorial) isn’t the same on the premium CE and on the TI-83? Moreover there seems to be no assembly programming tutorials at all for the TI-83 Premium CE on the internet, only tutorials for the TI-83/84… ��

  • Бля пиздец какой то что все ставят в пример какую-то хрень типа рост человека и прочее, обращаюсь к автору зделай пожалуйста на примере 3 костей игральных какова будет дисперсия и среднеквадратичное отклонение суммы этих трёх костей
    Сумма от 3 до 18 очков

  • Although supposedly the OS 5.5 (not 5.5.1) doesn’t remove ASM/C yet, I prefer to stick with 5.4 in case and obviously I won’t install 5.5.1/5.6 until there’s an exploit that can run existing games/programs.