Вопрос: Как проделать Tim Tam Slam?


tim tam slam

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Tim Tam Slam!

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How to successfully do a Tim Tam Slam

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Tim Tam Slam Challenge����

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Tim Tam Slam How to eat Tim Tams (The Correct Way)

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How to correctly do a Tim Tam Slam

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Tim Tam Slam Tutorial

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  • What the frick this is fricking stupid I’m Australian and I’ve never eaten this ever in my life like this what the hell you guys are so weird is this what you do in your spare time??????????????????????? I’m disappointed. SHAMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no no no.. Tim Tams are so much better than Oreos. They’re a chocolate biscuit ‘sandwich’ with choc filling and then the whole lot is coated in Chocolate.
    The reason the “Tim Tam Orgasm” works so well is that the outer layer of chocolate holds it all together and allows the tea/coffee to go up through the centre, as is drinking through a straw.
    Shame they’re illegal in the US. You guys are really missing out!!

  • oh my god… envy us australians.. they are so goood! omfg i have did that with tea.. hot choclate milk.. so yum.. im thinking about buying some tim tams again.. i havent in a while… TIM TAMS ARE YUMMYYYYY THEY ARE REALLY YUMMY BISCUITS

  • This is quite possibly my favorite Fairbairn Film to date: gets me every time lmao XDDD

    Hope your flight was a supersonic. Btw the gov’t can tap into your phone lines to hear what you’re saying, so try to keep details to a minimum.

  • The Tim Tam slam is one of the most heavenly things I have gone through. It tastes to good I get filled with ecstasy and euphoria even by watching other people eat it. My mouth legit got an orgasm when I ate it.

  • guys I loved this. I work at SpaceX and watch your videos in my down time. If you guys ever want to some for a onsite tour just let me know and I can get you some guest passes. I love you guys and the work you do. Making people laugh is an amazing talent and Im grateful you guys have found your niche. fucking mint. Let me know and ill come show you some Rockets!

  • Cool presentation! I love my Tim Tams with coffee… mmm…
    They’re in shops all over South Africa, but I recently moved to Canada was psyched when I saw it in a shop yesterday and bought a bunch!! I also bought the caramel Tim Tam which is new to me delicious and also great with coffee.

  • you did a good job, it works fine with coffee as well and tastes best with the chewy caramel flavour. I suggest you try biting just a bit of 2 diagonally opposite corners as this will give you a greater enjoyment of the tim tam slam experience.


  • Sugar shock.. Such high level of sugar content,, Mimicking the high of dopamine in brain similar to effects of cocain…

    High sugar content aids in development of cancer, and scores of other cardio vascular diseases

  • I’m mildly concerned as to how they could get a TimTam Slam incorrect. Where was the strategic diagonal corner nibble? Where was the steaming hot beverage? Where was the using the TimTam like a straw so when you put it in your mouth there was a melted chocolate explosion? On top of passports and plastic surgery these boys need a psychologist to deal with the childhood trauma and abandonment that has left them with such a gaping hole in their education. Hope you came out of this one okay.

  • Alright now make sure to dip 1/4 to 1/3 of the double bitten Tim Tam in the hot (348K) beverage of choice and then contract your diaphragm and generate sufficient pressure to create flow of nuggat chocolate through the inner diameter of the cookie like tubing. THEN…….

  • 1. try the tim tam sam DUNK! haha it’s when you have the cup of hot cocoa on the floor and throw the tim tam in XD lol *please understand that I’m joking, no one try this at home *
    2. I love tim tam slams *from the US here:)

  • If you have a Cost Plus World Market near you, you can buy Tim Tams. They’re called something else, though, so you need to ask for the “chocolate cookies from Australia by Arnotts”. They’re the real deal, and last I looked, Cost Plus was selling a couple different flavours. (For an added Aussie boost, ask for the Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Yummy!)

  • Cup of milky coffee or tea, 2 sugars in it, nibble off opposing corners of Tim Tams, sip hot fluid through the Tim Tam, flip the Tim Tam into your mouth before it disoves. Repeat till packet is empty. Then finish remaining coffee/tea in your cup.
    Anything else is un Australian.
    I might be addicted to suger, please don’t judge me.
    Love Holly ����������������☘����‍♀️��‍♂️��‍♀️��‍♂️��‍♀️����‍♀️����������������☘������������������☘������������☘������������������������☘��������������☘��������

  • For Americans, you can buy tim tams in the US. You need to google websites that sell Aussie food in the US. Simply Oz is the site I use to send things to my American friends. They are the genuine Aussie Tim Tam, shipped to the US.

  • With all due respect my dudes, that is NOT how you do a Tim Tam Slam. You have to bite the ends off the Tim Tam and then drink the milk through it like a straw. If you just dip straight up, the chocolate coating acts as a barrier and the milk cannot penetrate the delicious biscuit centre of the Tim Tam.

  • John sent me. I actually found TimTams locally just about a month ago, and I tried this. It was AMAZING. I did it with coffee (I like mine with cream and sugar). The only bummer is that the Tim Tams are a bit expensive. About 4$ (CAD). I also thought it was really weird that the pack has 11 in it. WHY AN ODD NUMBER? You can’t easily divide that with friends (if you’re sharing, haha).

  • Good thing there were two bimbos. One to waffle on and the other to repeat everything, or was she translating the same nonsense? Either way, there was no need for this video to be any longer than 60 seconds. What a waste of time!

  • @whoo689
    Pepperidge Farm sells them in the US (They Bought Arnott). They’ve only been out for half a year here and are only made October March. Try looking at Target (a major seller of PF) or a Pepperidge Farm Outlet/Thrift Store.
    And before you question me, I work for Pepperidge Farm, so no, I’m not making it up. xD