Вопрос: Как приготовить рутбир?


How To Draw Funny Root Beer Float

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Такого Вы не Пробовали! VALHALLA Ягермайстер и Рутбир!

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DIY Root Beer Kit

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Пробуем A&W root beer (сарсапарилла) вместе с 1000000Abdulla

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Как приготовить Root-Beer в домашних условиях

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  • I have no idea if you’ll see this or not, but I’m trying a variation of this recipe put. A couple of things I noticed, when I try to filter it with a coffee filter the syrup seems to weaken. I need 2 parts water to 1 part soda for it to taste right. I made a couple of alterations, I dilute with water and carbonate with CO2, and I add a tablespoon of maltodextrin to make it smooth and creamy. Do you know why the syrup gets weaker with the paper filter?

  • Ok so here in New Zealand we don’t reaply have root beer apart from in the international aile of the supermarkets, but one day I wanted to try it so I bought some and it tasted like mouthwash. Is this normal?

  • @Vat19 or someone else i just have one question according to wikipedia rootbeer contains alchohol and where i come from its illegal to drink that under 18 so does the root beer of this diy kit also contain alcohol? if yes i thought that also in USA minors can’t have alcohol so why did you let the kid drink it?

  • I absolutely love how proud you get when you like a recipe!!
    This was awesome! I’ve always wanted to try to make this with my dad. He used to work in partner with a brewery that made their own root beer and he recently brewed a homemade beer kit.
    They sell root beer kits too! ❤️

  • Love it. I am really enjoying your channel. I would love to see a ferment. I tried the ferment myself once, but found the barks made it too “woody” during the ferment stage. May try it again without the birch bark. I haven’t ot tried the syrup, so am curious how strong the wood flavor came out.

  • I’ve seen some videos showing how to make Bacon out of coconut. Coconut has natural oils and fat which might make some pretty good fake bacon. Why don’t you try it out for us and let us know what it tasted like. Youtube already has some recipes for how to make it. It is supposed to be really crunchy and smoky and makes good “bacon bits”.

  • Root beer Recipe I used
    1/4 Cup Sassafras 20g 
    2 tablespoons sarsaparilla root 10g
    1 tablespoon licorice root 5g: I would lower this to 3g
    1 tablespoon ginger root 5g
    1 tablespoon dandelion root 3g
    1 tablespoon birch bark 5g
    1 tablespoon wild cherry tree bark 5g 
    1 cinnamon stick
    300g brown sugar: I think I would try 200g brown sugar and 150g white sugar
    1 Liter of filtered water

    Boil water with cinnamon and ginger for 2 minutes
    Add all roots and boil for 2 minutes
    Turn off heat and let steep covered for 20 minutes
    Pour through strainer
    then strain through filter, watch for sediment
    Allow to cool and settle and check for sediment again Strain again if needed
    Pour into clean saucepan and add sugars
    Bring almost to a boil
    remove from heat and chill immediately

    Add 1 part syrup to 3 parts soda

  • Root beer that doesn’t use artificial flavors no longer uses sassafras commercially anymore because the oil is a carcinogenic and was banned by the FDA(it was 1960 so neither of us tasted it in our root beers so nothing to be missed. It now uses birch and sarsaparilla instead. Not that a bit of it will probably hurt ya, It it is believed to have analgesic and antiseptic properties and was used in Native American Medicine, but I wouldn’t make that a regular recipe. Use more of the Birch and Sarsaparilla for that root beer flavor if you wanna drop it. Otherwise looks like a fun experiment. Next time brew it to be alcoholic. =)

  • Это любимая содовая моей старшей дочери. Еще неплох и популярен в Канаде их конкурент MUG. Как на мой вкус так лекарствами отдает слегка и сладковато, но конечно с историей да и просто вкусная вещь, не остановиться пока холодная. Есть легкий A&W, меньше сахара намного.
    Что интересно, A&W это единственная сеть ресторанов имеющая свой собственный напиток. Ну был еще доктор Пэппер аптечный, да и тот давно скатился. Остальные коки-пепси это ведь просто марки и все. А за видео спасибо, очень приятно вас вместе посмотреть, два бородатых велобайкера с дорожным пивом:-)

  • Sassafras not cancerous? What’s the story with that stuff? It was mentioned in another root beer video that too much of it can be cancerous and according to Wikipedia the FDA banned use it, also looking at the ingredients on the can it doesn’t mention sassafras..so careful

  • So if you make root beer try some different measurements and see.

    I have tried about 70 different types of root beer. To a normal person, they vary a bit on taste, but when you try as many as I have, those measurements matter a lot. Preferably something like a Frostie’s Vanilla root beer tends to use more vanilla and sugar and give it a creamy root beer float taste. Some like Red Arrow and Sprecher’s tend to be more ballanced, which alot on taste and smell. Some like my new favorite uses more licorice and birch to give it the good black licorice after taste which i like. Tommy Knockers has alot of spice so it really has a nutty earth taste to it.

    Also type of sugar matters. Pure Cane seems to be the standard for craft sodas, brown sugar is good for the richer taste, and yeah you can use the corn syrup for that commercial soda.

  • Fun fact, Sassafras root is still used to flavor traditional root beer, but since sassafras was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration due to the carcinogenicity of its constituent safrole, most commercial recipes do not contain sassafras.

  • Love your vids! A couple of issues: I don’t see the ingredients and their quantities listed anywhere, and at the end you said one part extract to 3 parts soda water, but actually added 4 parts soda water:)

  • This looks really good!! Got a question instead of using ginger(my wife is allergic to ginger horribly) could I use twice the birch in place of the ginger? If you do make the Beer version, are you going to try different sugar levels or yeasts that could make a sweeter or dryer version. Since some brewing yeast consume more sugars than others resulting in different alcohol levels and sweetness levels. A root beer Champagne or Mead would be a good twist.