Вопрос: Как конвертировать аудиокниги c Audible.Com?


Audiobooks On Audible.com And Accessible Menus On Menus4All.com

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Why It’s Impossible to Tune a Piano

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3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible! 2/3

Видео взято с канала: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell



Видео взято с канала: Андрей Ильенко


Лучшее приложение для аудиокниг. Smart audiobook player.

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EASIEST Way to Convert Audible.com AA and AAX Files to MP3 Free

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Как и где скачать аудиокниги бесплатно MP3

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  • As soon as I clicked on the GUI.exe file, I got an error message saying that the conversion app cannot be opened on a Mac, because it is Windows-based software. Do you know if there’s a Mac-based alternative to this app?

  • It took some time for me to get used to audio books, but I use BARD and Audible. I like it since I can share books I’ve loved with Jacob, as many titles he’s never read.
    But some readers…thanks to them for recording, but their voices, I just can’t get past them. The Game Of Thrones series was ruined for me by the reader. (This is the BARD version) ��

  • The Download Manager (+ aax to mp3 converted method) does not work in Australia it seems (I tried it and got nothing) see: https://audible-au.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5459/kw/"download%20manager"

  • Doesn’t this simply mean that the harmonics of different strings ultimately don’t yield the same exact frequencies for all the various notes, when we think they should? I feel like he could have stated this a bit more directly. How many strings could be tuned by their own harmonics before this phenomenon starts to show up, and small discrepancies start to occur? Doesn’t seem like it would take very many. As another comment mentions below, “it is not possible to tune all 12 notes of the western scale simultaneously”. And by “tune”, I gather that he means that the various notes all would match perfectly the harmonics of the other notes. Fascinating stuff.

  • Das Problem ist aber nicht allein die temperierte Stimmung, sondern die Inharmonizität der Saiten: Die Obertöne sind nicht exakt dem mathematischen und physikalischen Ideal ganzzahlig vielfach zueinander, sondern weichen voneinander ab. Dies liegt an der Mensur der Saite: Der Durchmesser ist relativ groß gegen ihre Länge. Dies wird nach hohen Tönen immer ungünstiger. Beim Cembalo ist dies weniger problematisch, weil die Saiten dünner sind.

  • Nuclear weapons should be completely illegal to make. Exploding nuclear reactors is be completely avoidable as long as the workers follow the safety rules (maybe someone could create robots who knows how to make nuclear reactors NOT explode). All countries should work together to store nuclear waste in safe places. If we can do this, nuclear energy is just awesome!

  • This no longer appears to work due to something audible did to its files. The program that I did verify is working as of the date of this comment is openaudible which is found with a quick google search and is free although does take donations to stay free.

  • Reading through the comments, it seems like there was an update along the way on the windows side or some extra bit added to the encryption. I’ve been at this for about 2 hours and I think I’m done.:( Also reports of poor audio quality are not encouraging. Likely the audible folks are doing what they can to prevent this from working.

  • Well Fuck this channel. I thought this was a decent, non biased educational channel.
    “Maybe we should drop nuclear for good”
    Maybe we should keep improving the technology until its safe to use… I have lived less than 20 miles from a nuclear plant most of my life, and it has never harmed me.

  • im wondering why this isn’t working for me. I have audible manager downloaded and everything. when I press the convert button the program just shuts down like its constantly crashing. anyone else having this problem?

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge to install & crack the aSc TimeTables, but you need to update it now because there is a 2020 version available now: you can get it here: https://cracklink.info/thundersoft-flash/

  • @Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell

    Nuclear Fission is really harmful for us but not Nuclear Fusion.
    I think it should be important to mention that on your video because these two technologies does not work the same way.

  • Ставь лайк если есть желание по настоящему зарабатывать бабло, а не мучиться ради копеек! Лично я к примеру принял решение найти метод заработка и.. добился своего. Моя схема дает мне до 300 000 руб. каждый месяц, я пришел к этому не быстро, но зато смог зарабатывать с первого дня. В сети мало настоящей информации, но много мошенников, так что приходилось искать дольше месяца. Не считайте что я хвастаюсь, я не поэтому написал, я даже снял ролик о моем способе зарабатывания, чтобы помочь.

  • I couldn’t get this to work, but here’s what did work for me.

    Download and Install Open Audible at openaudible.org
    Under the “Controls” tab select “Connect to Audible”
    Login to your audible account however you normally do (ie: amazon)
    Bring the.aax files into your library section located at the bottom of the Open Audible program window.(You can click drag or copy/paste if necessary.)
    Right click on the file you want to convert.
    Select “Convert to mp3”
    Wait. You’ll see a status bar above it in the “audio book section”.
    When it’s complete right click on the file and select “show mp3”
    A new window will open with the mp3 file.
    You can listen or copy/paste into your portable media device (ie: cellphone)

  • I dont get it…its bad that other countries developed them, when no one looks at the reason behind it, america, thats fine? I love this channel but dont forget who started it all. Dont say its bad that other countries get them and not point out who started them. I get your point. Its not good to have them. But if we dont. We will be taken over by the west or israel or india etc(im talking about pakistan)

  • I have enjoyed listening to Audible books for over 15 years; easy to use and a great selection of books. In fact I now read (listen) to more books than I ever did when I could more easily read a regular book. I also occasionally use BARD, but I I find it far more difficult to use it’s menu than Audible. Another audio book service that I use that is free is OverDrive which works through many public liberties. OverDrive in mainly a ebook site, but they do have a large selection of audio books and as a vision impaired person I find find it’s menu easier to use than BARD, but Audible is still the best in my opinion.

  • I used BARD mobile for audiobooks. It was ok, except that the downside of BARD mobile is you can’t close the screen to preserve battery. If you closed the screen, it automatically shuts the audiobook off. Using auditable, it doesn’t do that. I recently began using auditable books, & absolutely love it. I’m vision impaired since 2000. Before loosing my central vision because of myopic macular degeneration, I loved Physically liked reading books. It took me awhile to adjust having someone in audio format read the book to me, but I did get used to it. I enjoy listening to books on audio format now. Auditable is a great service too. Thank you for the video.

  • Try TunesKit Audible AA/AAX Converter. Talk about easy! Best $35 I ever spent. Converts in minutes not hours. Easy setup and settings for quality variation. https://www.tuneskit.com/audible-aa-aax-converter-win/user-guide.html

  • The only argument for nuclear energy is “money > human lives”. That’s all, not climate change or anything else. We have the technology to replace both as long as we’re okay with the costs. We’re not okay with the costs so we’re using “either we bury poison that’ll stay threaten future generations for millennia or we destroy climate” false argument.

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  • Love me some audiobooks!! I am currently reading a Star Wars book called “Resistance Reborn.” It takes place after The Last Jedi. Yes, I’m a nerd! hahah….I was never a huge reader but audiobooks have really opened up books to me in so many ways. Great video Sam!

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  • 3:09 September 1957, April 1986, March 2011, July 1925…??? I though we discovered the power of nuclear reactions of radioactive isotopes also known as nuclear fission of heavy elements in 1938-39… I guess the governments just hide more information from us ����

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