Материал: REVISE YOUR GRAMMAR - Учеб. пособие (Новикова Ю.О.)

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Приложение 3

Список устойчивых выражений, после которых употребляется герундий

accord great priority to

have a reputation for

put efforts into

as for

have (little) chance of

put emphasis on

as well as

have different approach


question arises about

avoid the embarrassment


have difficulty (in)

rather than

be about

have intention of

run the risk of

be due to

have interest in

take a step in

be a far cry from

have no chance of

take over responsibility


be in favour of

have role in

the danger lies in

be like

have the opportunity of

the fact of

be oriented to

have trouble

the odds are against sb

be on the point of

in anticipation of

the policy of

be the significant contri-

bution to

in return for

there are a couple of

disadvantages to

be used to

in terms of

there is much talk of

be worth

look like

there is no (little) point


can’t stand

make the mistake of

there is no question of

cannot help

make the objective of

doing sth achievable

there is no solution to

ease cooperation on

meet the need for

there is nothing wrong


express optimism over

move in the direction of

use a different ap-

proach to

far from

on the pretext of

when it comes to

feel like

on the prospect of

find smb be guilty of

place emphasis on

get information on

play a great part in

have a habit of

possess a facility for