Материал: REVISE YOUR GRAMMAR - Учеб. пособие (Новикова Ю.О.)

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Приложение 2

Список прилагательных с предлогами

и предикативных словосочетаний с предлогами

abuzz over

content with

furious with

proud of

accountable to

convinced of

glad about

ready for

accustomed to

credited with

good at

reliant on

adept at

critical of

guilty of

responsible for

adroit at

curious about

happy about/at

responsive to

afraid of

dedicated to

ignorant of

sad about

akin to

delighted with

innocent of

safe from

amazed at/by


on/upon sb

for sth

justified in

satisfied with

angry at/with

desperate for

important to

scared of

ashamed of

detrimental for

immune to

shocked at/by

astonished at/by

different from

incapable of

sick of

aware of



inconsistent with

slow at

bad at

distressed about

independent of/to

skeptical of

be close to

distrustful of

indifferent to

skilled at

be wrong in

doubtful of

indispensable to

sorry for/about

best at

efficient at

innocent of

subject to

bored with/by

eligible for

instrumental in

successful at

brilliant at

engaged in

intent on

suited to

capable of

essential to

interested in

superior to

careful of/about

euphoric over

intrigued by/at

supportive of

cautious about

excellent at

lax about

sure of

channeled into

excited about

liable to





exempt from

mindful of

terrible at

committed to

famous for

nervous about

tired from







tired of

conditional on

fatal to

opposed to

typical of

conditioned on

fed up with

opposite of



conducive to

fond of

optimistic about

upset at

confident of

frightened of

pleased about

used to

conscious of

furious with

popular with/for

vulnerable to

consistent with

glad about

poor at

wary of

constrained from

good at

prone to

weary of

worried about