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Раздел 13 сравнение вариантов употребления причастия 1 и причастия 2

Упр. 1. Выберите соответствующую форму причастия 1 или причастия 2. Предложения переведите.

1. The state’s utter (абсолютный, полный) neglect of rural India has left

villagers (a) impoverishing/ (b) impoverished.

2. Any problems (a) having encountered/ (b) encountered in earlier phases of software development meant costly rework and often jeopardized the whole project.

3. If you’re not assertive enough, you may be seen as lacking the leadership

skills (a) needed/ (b) needing to run the company.

4. According to Nikolai Kondratyev’s famous theory capitalist economies have a 50or 60-year cycle of expansion (a) followed/ (b) following by depression.

5. And wastewater and cleaning solvents are regularly dumped (a) untreating/ (b) untreated into the waterways.

6. They attempted to identify areas (a) requiring/ (b) required attention.

7. The information (a) requiring/ (b) required tends to be complex.

8. The airplane crashed last month (a) killed/ (b) killing all 230 people on board.

9. In recent years the study of «happiness» – as opposed to more conventional economic measures, such as GDP [gross domestic product] per head – has attracted (a) increasing/ (b) increased attention from economists.

10. Price inflation for dry and perishable grocery products was running currently at a level not (a) seen/ (b) seeing in several years.

11. If a drug is a life-saver, there are fewer questions (a) asked/ (b) asking

about the price.

12. When (a) facing/ (b) faced with doing the right thing or doing what is in its best interests, Google has almost always chosen expediency (практическая целесообразность).

13. The terms (a) insisted upon/ (b) insisting are difficult to fulfill.

Упр. 2. Переведите слова, помещенные в круглые скобки, на английский язык, используя формы Participle 1 или Participle 2. Исходная форма приводится в конце предложения.

1. A big question (обсуждаемый часто) in boardrooms is whether India can

catch up with China [DEBATE].

2. (Возросшая) worldwide competition requires innovative strategies that emphasize quality products or services [INCREASE].

3. Information (исходящая) from British authorities was scarce and contradictory.

4. The policy of pressuring the Palestinians to leave is being implemented in the (завоеванные) territories [CONQUER].

5.  (определив) an  objective, it  is  essential to  assess  the  size  of  market


6. (Ожидаемая) inflation has been firmly above 3 per cent all year [EXPECT].

7.  Gold  (считающееся/рассматриваемое в  качестве)  as  an  inflation hedge, has jumped more than 10 per cent in a month  [VIEW]  (hedge – страхование от инфляции).

8. Congratulate them on a job well (выполненная) and set new goals [DO].

9. They discussed (предложенную) procedure for analyzing a business problem [SUGGEST].

10. (Растущие) repair costs frequently provide the incentive for replacing old equipment [RISE].

11. (Проиграв выборы), he was obliged to resign [BE DEFEATED].

12.. Information (посылаемая) over the Internet is broken up into discrete packets (отдельные группы) before being forwarded to the next point of their journey [SEND].

13. He spent 18 months in Germany (ведя переговоры) the deal with Mr.X. [NEGOTIATE].

14.  The  book  (упоминаемая)  in  this  paper  was  published  last  year


15.   (предоставляемая)  Information   must   be   objective   and   accurate


16.   Businessman,   (выступающий)   the   conference   arrived   yesterday