: English for Law Students. 2 year. Part 2 - ( ..)


: 1775

Appendix 1

action at law acquit / acquittal

a verdict of aquittal

address adduce admissibility adversarial aggravating applicable appearance arraign arraignment authorize


bring a civil action burden of proof charge

charges claimant complaint confession confront

convict /conviction counterclaim

court reporter/ clerk cross-examine

cross-examination challenge culpability

custody defendant/

default judgement deliberation detention discovery procedure


deprivation dismiss

WORDS TO KNOW direct examination directed verdict discredit

discretionary discretion

eligible for parole enter a plea

err expenses equity case expiration of sentence exposition flee

finger-print forfeiture grand jury grant a motion ground guidance

issue of law issue of fact inadmissible indictment indict insufficient inference information insanity investigation justify

lessen mitigating motion

nolo contendere nullify


objectionable parole

parolee plaintiff plea

postponement probation probation officer prejudicial preliminary premise preponderance of evidence


public defender referee

release recognizance revoke

refrain remainder redress remedy remorse respondent rest

ruling reversal


self-incrimination serve

summons supervision suppress summation terminate testimony testify undue unanimous unexpired

venue waive

warrant witness stand


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