: English for Law Students. 2 year. Part 2 - ( ..)


: 1775

Appendix 2 key

Unit 2


1.accidental killing 2.brutal killing 3.contract killing 4.deliberate killing

5.gang killing 6.gangster killing 7.hired killing 8.intended killing

9.justified killing 10.lawful killing 11.mass killing 12.mercy killing

13.negligent killing 14.political killing 15.professional killing

16.provoked killing 17.self-defence killing


1-private 2-defined 3-unlawful 4-activity 5-offender 6-payment 7owner 8-medical 9-punitive 10-accidents 11-thief 13-unauthorized


Unit 3


a extortion b tax evasion insider trading d passing bad checks e

embezzlement f consumer fraud g conspiracy


1-politicians 2-occupation 3-usage 4-perpetrators 5-conspiring 6competitor 7-bribing 8-constructing 9-defective 10-specifications

11-estimated 12-safety 13-corporate 14-executives 15-academics

Unit 4


1f, 2e, 3c, 4g, 5d, 6b, 7h, 8a

D3. Mafia problem

1-Same, 2-arose, 3-notorious, 4-connections, 5-transplanted, 6-involvement,

7-despite, 8-legend, 9-fascinating, 10-less, 11-avenue

D4 Suggested answer

1-various 2-can 3-machine 4-anyone 5-phone 6-things 7-several 8crowded 9-shoulder 10-memories 11-information 12-immediately

Unit 5


1g; 2d; 3b; 4c; 5f; 6a; 7e


1 shift; 2 outrage; 3 resolve; 4 discourse; 5 maturity; 6 tough; 7

advent; 8 stem from; 9 confine; 10 interact

Unit 6


1-commit; 2enterprise; 3-information; 4-institutions; 5-use; 6-intent; 7gain; 8-break into; 9-connect; 10-average; 11-theft


1e; 2c; 3g; 4b; 5a; 6h; 7d; 8f


1 to, with, in

2 of/over

3 with, on, for

4 to, of, on

5 for, of, to

6 under, to

7 for, on, to

8 in, of, in, without

Unit 7

C1 Thick as thieves

1. he put it in his pocket and set off the alarm as he left

2. were armed FBI agents on their lunch breaks, attempting to cash their checks

3. the robber handed over his ID and proved that he was indeed twenty-one

4. that the forgetful couple had left their little child behind

5. Not having the money to buy a traditional mask, the man had covered his face with a bottle of shaving cream.


1-listening 2-visual 3-telephone 4-departments 5-rooms 6surveillance 7-darkness


1-by 2-keystone 3-strictly 4-application 5have been 6what 7previously 8-meaning 9-at 10-for

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