: English for Law Students. 2 year. Part 2 - ( ..)


: 1775

Appendix 1

abduction arson assault

assassination bad check battery

be held liable (for)


bid rigging blackmail bookmaking breach of duty bribery bullying burglary confinement conspiracy

consumer fraud copyright counterfeiting criminal intent decency defamation desertion

do evil

WORDS TO KNOW embezzlement espionage


extortion felony forgery fraud gambling harassment hijacking

identity theft ignorance infringement intercept insider trading kidnapping larceny


loan-sharking malice manslaughter misdemeanor money laundering mugging


perjury pickpocketing pilferage

pilfer piracy premeditated ransom

rape rebellion robbery sedition shoplifting slander smuggling skimming stowaway treason

tax evasion theft trespass trafficking vagrancy vandalism

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