: English for Law Students. 2 year. Part 2 - ( ..)


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Unit 8 revision

A1.* For each word in the box A find the synonym in the box B and write them out as a pair (10 points).

Box A

Capital punishment, imprisonment, homicide, disposition, felon, brutal, inborn, petty, evolve, condemn

Box B

Develop, criminal, violent, incarceration, death penalty, inherited, stigmatize, minor, murder, inclination

A2. * Complete the sentences using the words in the box (10 points).

a) advocate b) deter c) deprived d) burden e) cell f) pillory g) insane h) perverse i) corrective j) parole

1. He spent a night in the

at the local police station.

2. The government has introduced country's serious criminal situation.

measures to deal with the

3. Those who have to suffer.

doctor-assisted suicide say the terminally ill should not

4. Daniel Defoe was put in the

as punishment for libel.

5. He was released on

after serving two years.

6. A lot of children have been

of a normal home life.

7. The security camera was installed to

people from stealing.

8. Sadistic people derive

pleasure from the suffering of others.

9. The killer was declared criminally .

10. The counsel have reminded the jury of the

of proof.

A3*. Translate these sentences into Russian (10 points).

1. Johnson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison.

2. When he was released from prison, Mandela was interviewed in Zambia.

3. This old building is the jail that Butch Cassidy escaped from in 1887.

4. 58\% of prisoners are in jail for non-violent crimes.

5. Grover got caught for not paying his taxes and went to jail.

6. The murderer served 10 years at the penitentiary in Stillwater.

7. The prison cells have doors of heavy steel.

8. The two Irishmen were in prison for five years before they were found to be innocent.

9. Sid's wife ran off with another man while he was doing time.

10. She met Schmidt while serving time in prison for drug possession.

A4. ** Match the words and their definitions (8 points)

1. parole a) a prison

2. probation

3. suspension

4. disposition

5. detention

6. penitentiary

7. torture

8. sin

b) an action that is against religious rules and is considered to be an offence against God

c) a system that allows some criminals not to go to prison if they behave well

d) permission for someone to leave prison, on the condition that they promise to behave well

e) when someone is not allowed to do their job, or take part in an activity for a period of time as a punishment

f) an act of deliberately hurting someone in order to force them to tell you something, to punish them, or to be cruel

g) a particular type of character which makes someone likely to behave or react in a certain way

h) the state of being kept in prison

A5. ** Complete the following text using the words and expressions in the box (14 points).

Commits; corporal punishment; death penalty; deprived; deterrent; fit; humane; law-abiding; pay; rehabilitation; reform; retribution; suffer; unreasonable

What is the purpose of punishment? One purpose is obviously to 1


offender, to correct the offenders moral attitudes and anti-social behaviour

and to 2

him or her, which means to assist the offender to return to

normal life as a useful member of community.

Punishment can also be seen as a 3

because it warns other people of

what will happen if they are tempted to break the law and prevents them from doing so. However, the third purpose of punishment lies, perhaps, in

societys desire for 4

, which basically means revenge. In other words,

dont we feel that a wrongdoer should 5

for his misdeeds?

The form of punishment should also be considered. On the one hand, some

believe that we should make the punishment 6

the crime. Those who

steal from others should be 7

of their own property to ensure that

criminals are left inno doubt that crime doesnt 8

. For those who attack

others 9

should be used. Murderers should be subject to the principle

an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and automatically receive the

10 .

On the other hand, it is said that such views are 11

, cruel and barbaric

and that we should show a more 12

attitude to punishment and try to

understand why a person 13

enable him to live a respaectable, 14

a crime and how a society has failed to life.

A6. *** Odd one out (10 points)

1. deter




2. perverse




3. confiscate




4. curb




5. proclivity




6. eliminate



root out

7. inborn




8. prone




9. law-abiding

10. restoration







A7*** Translate the sentances into English (10 points).

1. .

2. , .

3. , .

4. , , , .

5. ,


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